Decor of flower pots - 55 photos of ideas for interior

Concerning the decor of flower pots with their own hands there is a huge variety of different ideas. We offer you to get acquainted with the most simple and at the same time interesting.


As a rule, paper, film, textiles, do various knitting blanks, use old worn clothes, use "honeys" of any mistress like lace, pieces of cloth, accessories and other things.

Also, some use buttons, beads, buttons for this, even tile, mineral crumb, gypsum cement, paints, varnishes, bottles, plastic cups and much more can be used. There is also a special place for twigs, bars.


Wands, caps and cork, sheets of paper and food. On the photo of the decor of flower pots you can see a variety of ideas that will inspire you to create unique masterpieces.


Marine Projects

And so, we offer an interesting version of the design of a flower pot in the style of the sea.

To realize this idea, you should prepare seashells and pebbles, brought from the sea. Preliminary on a sheet of paper you can "estimate" the future plot.


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You can also invent it in the process of laying decorative elements on the surface of the pot, which in the future will be your favorite house plants, flowers.


The simplest version of the design of shells and pebbles

Take an ordinary pot of ceramics, a moment and attach to it stones and seashells, which must first be washed and thoroughly degreased. Also in the course can go small pieces of broken tiles, fragments of cups with plates.


But, at the same time, the same color scheme should be chosen. Of course, in this issue everything is very individual and depends on the preferences of each individual. When all the details are fixed, think about whether you need to paint some areas.


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The next stage of the beautiful design of the flower pot will be the filling of voids between the elements of your drawing. To do this, you can use PVA + cement in the proportion of 1k3, and dilute the mixture with water to form a sour cream consistency.


To the wave was with a certain shade, you can add a drop of turquoise aquamarine to the solution. Blot the brush in this composition, and paint the space in a circle around the resulting composition. When you feel it freeze, use a sponge or a piece of cloth to remove the unnecessary part of the solution from the decorative part. That's all!


You can also use a slightly different method. Wet the brush in the glue and pass between the stones and seashells. Then, slightly tilting the container, it is necessary to pour sandy areas, greased with glue. Do this until the sand is tight enough to cover the gaps left in your overall "picture".

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In the end, you can apply a regular nail varnish or spray. They cover the whole part of the working space. As a result, there will be a very effective shine.


Also, the design can be complicated. If there is a desire and a lot of patience, pebbles with seashells, you can glue the surface of the flower pot so that there is absolutely no free space left. All used parts for this need to be stacked very tightly to each other, leaving no free space.


We decorate the pot with mosaic

And so, we go further. Now we offer to familiarize yourself with the master class on decorating a flower pot in a mosaic way.


In fact, this option is technologically similar to the previous method of framing the pot. The main feature of this method is. That there is a huge variety of materials used. Pots can be not only ceramic, but also plastic.


For registration can be used a variety of options for building residues, beads and buttons, beads, sequins, and other trifles.


If the surface is smooth, it should be prepared using sandpaper. To finish the material well with the base, it should be applied to the ground as a concrete contact. Further glue is spread, which can be trimmed with reinforcing mesh.


After that, the cellular strips are already stacked, moving from below. When the mosaic is laid out, you need to wait until it has dried. The paper needs to be moistened and removed, then the seams are filled with a grout. That's all, the decoration is complete. For the stand you can use gypsum cardboard.


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