Decorating doors - best photo ideas from designers

If there was a need to update the home interior, but you do not have large means, the best way is to decorate the doors with your own hands. Such work will cost quite inexpensively and will look luxurious and exclusive.


For these purposes, a variety of materials are used: paint all sorts of shades, unique decoupage, luxurious moldings, colorful wall-papers, decorative stained-glass windows, etc.


The use of these materials and possible options for decorating doors are discussed in detail below.

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Irreplaceable wallpaper

Wallpaper - a versatile material. They decorate walls, ceilings and even doors. Usually, for the implementation of design ideas, the remains of wallpaper for walls or ceilings, which can be either monophonic or with a pattern, are used. But the most popular are the most diverse wallpapers.


The order of finishing is as follows:

  • The door is cleaned from the old paint;
  • the wooden surface is ground with a small nazhdachkoy;
  • with the putty on the wood, the grouting of existing cracks is performed;
  • For good adhesion (adhesion) of wallpaper to the door, dust is removed from its surface, and if necessary - the door cloth is degreased;
  • on all sides the door is covered with monophonic, whole wallpaper or composition, composed of individual elements of the wallpaper pattern.


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Amazing fabric

No less attractive is the door covered with a cloth. However, the fabric is not suitable for every room. For example, for a bathroom and a kitchen, it is highly undesirable to use it, since the material can get dirty quickly, it will constantly absorb moisture and become impregnated with foreign smells.


The door, decorated with a cloth, will look beautiful in the children's room. Thanks to the simple work with this material, it is possible to create original, attractive, vivid drawings on the door surface or, with the help of drapery, to give the children's room an atmosphere of fairy tales and magic.

Decorate dveri

To cover the door leaf with a cloth use:

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  • special glue;
  • wooden beads;
  • carnations;
  • a stapler for furniture.


When decorating the door with a cloth, make sure that the glue does not penetrate and the edge of the fabric does not fall off.


Habitual for everyone paint

One of the popular methods of updating the surface of doors is still its painting. Pre-treatment of the door leaf for painting is similar to its treatment for wallpapering. However, all the work should be done more carefully, so that the treated surface becomes as smooth as possible. Otherwise, after painting, all the defects will remain visible.

interior design doors

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In addition, the door can also be impregnated with an antiseptic. On glass doors, if necessary, replace the glazing beads.


Painting is performed in a vertical or horizontal direction on a surface conventionally divided into squares with a side of 50 cm.

Entrance door

In the paneled door, the inserts are first painted, and then the central and lateral parts of the frame. The door for painting can be applied and patterns that make it exclusive and attractive.


Vinyl stickers and self-adhesive film

Ready vinyl stickers today can be purchased at any construction store. These stickers help to refresh the interior and bring its zest to it.


An excellent alternative to wallpaper and painting is the decoration of interior doors with a self-adhesive film. This is the easiest and fastest way to update the surface of the door, transforming its appearance literally in front of the eyes.


Inimitable decoupage

Today, a rather fascinating method of manual finishing, decoupage, is gaining popularity. The door with this treatment is unique, stylish and vintage. It fits seamlessly into the surrounding interior.


Before drawing the pattern, the door leaf is peeled and ground, then covered with napkins or special paper. From above with the help of a brush gently covered with a solution consisting of water and PVA glue. After drying, it is covered with a layer of varnish.

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Gorgeous moldings

Thanks to the moldings, it became possible to create an imitation of stucco molding on the door. Such doors are perfectly combined with classical or antique style.


To fix moldings made of polyurethane or foam, it is sufficient to use glue similar in properties with liquid nails. Easy to use allows you to create real masterpieces on the door. The only drawback of this treatment is that it can not be used on sliding doors.


Multicolored mosaic

Mosaic refers to the rarer methods of decoration, as its use significantly heavier the door, increases the thickness of its canvas. However, mosaic lovers can use it fragmentarily, which allows not to exert a heavy load on the door and at the same time make it original and attractive. For gluing the door with glass elements, special tile adhesive, liquid glass or epoxy mastic is used.


Fascinating Stained Glass Windows

Looking at the photo of the beautiful decoration of the doors, it is impossible not to pay attention to the stained glass windows. They are so attracted to themselves. You can buy stained glass in the store, but it's much more tempting to make the stained glass door yourself.

renovation of glass doors

To create decorative stained glass is used mastic, acting as a contour. This circuit creates an imitation of a metal frame. In order for the surface of the glass to be evenly covered with paint, it is applied only in a horizontal position. The dried stained glass is fixed to the door with the help of glazing beads.


Whichever method of finishing the door is applied, it will necessarily transform the appearance of the interior and make it stylish, luxurious and unique.


Photo of beautiful options for decorating doors








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