Decoration of the balcony - a photo of the novelty of modern

Increasingly, one can observe that balconies are used today not to store old things, but as a space for rest. The area of ​​the balcony does not matter, because any space, even the smallest, can be beautifully decorated, if the case comes with the mind. Decoration of balconies inside can be entrusted to the designer, and to show imagination and do everything yourself.


Balcony - a few square meters, and if you remove them from the rubbish and the old unnecessary trash in case "and suddenly someone and sometime come in handy", if properly arranged, then these squares will become a place for recreation. To design the balcony from the inside, designers use a variety of ways to glazing, different techniques for decor, furniture, and lighting.


To perform the beautiful design of the balcony, special efforts and measures are not required. The main thing is to free the balcony from old and unnecessary furniture, warm it, clean it, make a small repair.


It is necessary to understand that there is no sense to demand beauty and coziness from the premises established by seedlings for landing at the dacha.


The room is decorated with plants at the very end of the renovation and the transformation of the balcony interior, after the new furniture has been placed, how thoughtfully the lighting will be designed - thus the composition will be completed.


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Choosing furniture

Manufacturers of furniture increasingly offer unique series, designed exclusively for the arrangement of the balcony. But in general, you can decorate the balcony with any furniture, the main requirement for it - resistance to moisture.


Furniture can be wooden, metal, rattan, vines, plastic.


Nothing will come of it, unless there is a comfortable recreation area where you can relax and relax as much as possible. In the balcony space, a small compact sofa perfectly fits. The sofa can be supplemented with a coffee table.

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If there is no space for the sofa, then you can make a podium, on it you will place a futon. Such ideas of decoration of the balcony allow creating an unsurpassed style.



To create a cozy living space on the balcony, you can not do without decor elements.


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There will not be a completed design unless a window is framed. You can hang blinds and curtains on the window. Curtains on the balcony are better, because the space will be visually changed a little, the existing flaws will be hidden.


It is not desirable to use brushes, folds, because the space is small, and this will overload it. It is worth giving preference to silk, tulle. Choose the fabric you need high quality, so it does not burn out in the sun, did not shed.


Do not you think the following interior decoration of the balcony is stylish? Only a couple of chairs with a wrought-iron frame that are placed at the corners of the balcony. Between the chairs is to put a table. On the sides, the tubs with flowers will look great. If there are not enough colors, then it is necessary to supplement the interior with cushions with circuit covers.



Mostly they use local lamps, which makes it possible to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere.


In general, the chosen design plays an important role. There are different uses for garlands and lanterns.


On the Internet, a lot of photo design of the balcony, and all ideas borrowed, you can translate into reality with your own hands.


A great option is to equip the balcony area with a playground for children.


It is very simple to make a cozy balcony and beautiful, the main thing - to part with the trash, completely update the furniture, choose curtains, decor.

Japanese style

Of course, the purpose of the balcony space is individual for each individual family. Someone needs this place to read in the privacy of the morning matins of the press, to enjoy fragrant coffee, others just want to be in silence sometimes.


Photo of the modern design of the balcony







small_bulk design


small balcony






decoration-balcony-as-a-way-expansion-living space-I










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