Decoupage of a glass jar - master class with step-by-step

We offer you to get acquainted with the information on how to make decoupage of a glass jar for loose products. In general, the technique of execution is simple enough, and accordingly anyone can do it, even a beginner in this matter.


Perhaps, many, as in the old days, loose products in the kitchen are stored in the simplest ordinary banks. However, modern convenience stores offer a variety of cans with lids in which you can store loose.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the hand-made decoupage of cans, as well as how to make them look like ceramic ones in the example of a village style. To choose, in fact, you can absolutely any option, in any case, the principle is the same.


Master class of decoupage glass jars

To get started, you need to prepare the following materials:


Suitable is the most ordinary can of glass, along with the lid.


Napkins with the original image, with which you will do decoupage.

  • Sponge or simple foam sponge.
  • PVA.
  • Paints with lacquer based on acrylic.
  • Glue
  • Hair dryer, scissors, brush.


Decoupage on a glass jar

First, the surface of the can is degreased. Use a nail polish remover / acetone / alcohol. Wipe the entire surface of the container. This will also help sponge / cotton wool. The same procedure is also performed on the lid.

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When degreasing the surface, brush it is necessary to apply a white paint in one layer. Cover the lid also completely. Let the objects dry (by themselves or the golden air from the hair dryer).


Since the proposed version uses a rustic style, let's make the sky to begin with. To do this, white paint is mixed with just two drops of blue. The result should be a heavenly color. The paint is important to properly mix, then with the help of a sponge and light movements, put a background on the top of the can.


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Then in the napkin you separate the bottom layer and leave only its "top". After that PVA is mixed with water 1k3 and glue the napkin to the jar.


Place the napkin on the surface, hold it with your hand and start sticking it. Dissolve the glue in advance, wet the brush in it and apply a pattern on top of the napkin. Do not do it too quickly, because the napkin is very soft, otherwise it will just tear or wrinkle. Move in a direction - to the edge from the central part. If bubbles develop during the lubrication, wrinkles, it is recommended to smooth them with a soft sponge. If the napkin is a little too small to apply the drawing completely to the entire surface of the can, you can finish with a brush anything. It will turn out very cool! You can see for yourself by looking at the proposed photo decoupage of glass jars.

decoupage cans

When you have pasted a decoupage napkin on the surface of a jar, you need to give it time to dry properly. You can use a hairdryer, but if you turn it on, use an exceptionally cold air flow!

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Then the cover also needs to be sunk. In our case, this is done with blue paint. To have a beautiful heavenly shade, you should mix white with blue paint. As a result, the shade should be as beautiful as the color of the sky. When you achieve the desired shade, paint your cover completely.

for the house-interior-dream-set-cans-for

Then, open the jar using a varnish, and this can be done without necessarily one layer. Even better if you apply two to three layers. In this case, each applied layer should dry very thoroughly. As a result, using glue with sparkles, you need to make dots of different colors on the lid and again give a good dry out.


That's it, your independent work is done. We wish you success and creative ideas.


Photos of the best options for decoupage glass jars


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