Design of a balcony - 120 photos of ideas how to decorate a

How often do we complain about the crowdedness of our apartments! And no matter what the footage - there are always a lot of ideas that the space deficit does not allow to realize. And at the same time, it does not even occur to us to give vent to fantasy in the modern design of the balcony.


Many people used to think of it as something like a pantry: usually all rubbish, which is a pity to throw out, finds its last shelter there. Therefore, the balcony often cluttered with old things looks smaller than it actually is. Do not be lazy to start to throw all the junk in the trash, then, if necessary, glaze and insulate the balcony, and voila! - here they are, the desired square meters.


Remember: if there is a need to carry out work to strengthen the balcony - you can only trust this business to professionals!


Often we refuse to transform this zone simply because our ideas of the balcony design "do not fit" into its very limited space. Not everything is so scary. Of course, you have to break your head, so that the design was not only beautiful, but also as functional as possible. But it's worth it! The balcony can turn into a library, a workshop, an office, a greenhouse, - there would be a desire.


Large possibilities of a small balcony

So, our goal is to turn the balcony-loggia into a habitable corner, another small room. To bring home comfort in this zone, give up order to all bored staining of walls. Now the balcony is decorated with cork or plastic panels.


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Variants of flooring can be very different: from unpretentious linoleum to refined wooden parquet. If you are thinking about a modern cork coating - throw down doubts, you will not have to regret. The natural cork keeps the heat on a par with the tree and, plus it, is pleasant to the touch.


The next important step is the choice of furniture. To again not clutter with such difficulty the liberated space, it is necessary to buy stylish folding furniture. So you can at any time "clear" the territory by simply adding a couple of chairs. No less successful option - sliding or built-in furniture.

large loggia

Now you can hang on the windows suitable for the interior of the blinds (or even curtains), add a couple of cute pads or ottomans, hang a flower pot with flowers, and enjoy the effect.

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Connect the imagination and boldly experiment - this zone is able to transform beyond recognition, as seen in the photo of a beautiful balcony design

design office

Balcony in the kitchen - minus or still a plus?

Often, the owners of the balcony in the kitchen are unhappy with his position: it seems uncomfortable and dysfunctional. In vain!


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It's just necessary to rearrange the refrigerator there, and already you have a separate pantry for food, and in the kitchen it became easier to breathe. However, the balcony does not need to be cluttered with technology: first, it is not safe, and secondly, it blocks the light.


Having connected experts, it is possible and at all to clean a wall dividing kitchen and a balcony. Then the dream of any mistress will turn out: a mini-dining room.


Important! Work on the dismantling of walls must be carried out by professionals, otherwise you will put yourselves at risk not only yourself but also your neighbors!


If the balcony is spacious enough, you can transfer the kitchen to it. As a result, an additional room will appear - it will not be superfluous! For such a kitchen, a wise decision will be the purchase of stools forming each other, this will save a lot of space.


The islet of nature

The balcony can become a place of realization of your dream of your own evergreen garden. Usually this design is applied to insulated balconies with access to the kitchen. A popular novelty now is to turn a mini-greenhouse into an original dining room: just put a table and chairs on it, as the fashion design for the interior design of the balcony of 2017 dictates.


If the balcony goes into the room, it is necessary to put a glass door or a large window on the floor.


Plants can be not only decorative: parsley, onion, dill, pepper, grown in such a garden, no worse than brought from the dacha.


With good warming and proper care, a small garden will delight you with its beauty all year round.


Photos of the best design options for the balcony of 2017

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