Design of one-room khrushchev - photos of the best design

At one time in the USSR there was a housing crisis, which was decided to fix with the help of so-called "Khrushchev."

Khrushchev Design

It is worth noting that this problem was solved, but such small apartments have not lost their relevance to today. Certainly, any owner of "Khrushchev" wants to give the situation of his home a more modern and progressive look.

That's why it makes sense to take advantage of special secrets and tricks.

Khrushchev Design

  • Tips for designers on how to increase space
  • Stylish design in Khrushchev
  • Photo ideas how to design a one-room Khrushchev

Tips for designers on how to increase space

It should be noted that the design of one-room Khrushchev should be selected carefully. In order to increase the space, which is constantly lacking in a small odnushke, it is worth giving preference to small and small-sized furniture.

Khrushchev Design

Thus, you can successfully play on the contrasts and increase the space not only visually (thanks to the game of proportions), but also physically, by discarding bulky cabinets and "weighty" furniture.

Khrushchev Design

If you look closer to the photo design of a one-room apartment, you can see that to create an interior of small rooms and apartments in general, rarely used dark and saturated colors.

Khrushchev Design

As a rule, you can see light tones on such shots, mostly shades of white. This trick allows you to significantly increase the visual space of a small apartment.

living room-bedroom-in-modern-style-living-room-Moscow-Moscow

It is worth noting that the design of a one-room apartment Khrushchev is necessary in such a way as to abandon the dark shades in principle.

Khrushchev Design

Indeed, you can make a few bright accents, however, nothing more - it's just accents, not the basic tones. A win-win option will always be white. You do not have to give preference to the color of ivory and snow-white shades - the spectrum of this color is quite wide, which opens up wide horizons for you.


It is worth noting that the brightest part in such a question as the design of a one-room apartment Khrushchev 30 square meters. m., there must be walls. The ceiling should be slightly darker. For sexual cover it is permissible to use gray tones, which should be diluted with light shades.


On the floor, you can make bright accents, which were mentioned a little higher in this article.


Do not mix more than three basic colors in the interior. Select them is relative to what mood you want to create in this apartment? It can be a cheerful mood, fabulous, gentle, pacifying or invigorating. Start from the idea that you are pursuing during the design of your apartment.


Stylish design in Khrushchev

In questions about how to design a Khrushchev design, it is also worthwhile to focus on the light. Nothing can so favorably affect the good impression from the interior of the room and the visual increase in the space of the room, like an impressive amount of light and light.


That's why you should not deny yourself the pleasure of installing additional sources of the above resource, which will only play into your hands.


Companion in this matter for you can and will necessarily be a large mirror or a composition of mirrors, which greatly expand the space. Similarly, glossy coatings with a mirror effect also act.


Do not forget about 3D wallpapers that create the perspective effect and allow not only to realize a successful design solution, but also to create a special atmosphere in the room, but also visually expand the space quite well.

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Thus, if you use the proposed methods, you can create not only a modern, but also a comfortable interior in a small apartment in size.


Photo ideas how to design a one-room Khrushchev



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