Design of penthouses

To become the owner of multi-level residential squares located on the roof of skyscrapers, not everyone can. Owners of penthouses appreciate all the advantages of a separate residence.

Design of penthouses

The lack of neighbors and the panoramic view from the window make this type of housing desirable for many, but affordable units.

Penthouse design

Possible options for the style direction

Respectably designed apartment, will give confidence to its owner. Stress your individuality, strive for everyone. And few people will want to have the same housing.

Design of penthouses

Therefore, the design of multi-level premises is done by professionals.

Penthouse design

In order to stand out from the general mass and give the original unique look, you can design a penthouse in a modern style.

Penthouse design

Modern minimalism. The main purpose of this style of decoration is not to clutter up space with extra items of interior.

The use of a minimum number of furniture in combination with works of art will create an atmosphere of "free flight".

Hidden from the eyes of household appliances, and the use of transformable furniture, this is all minimalism. Stairs to the second floor also install light and uncomplicated. We present to your attention the design of the penthouse project.

Penthouse design

Classical style of decoration. Without arguably this style will never go out of fashion, with its help you can achieve spectacular housing worthy of the emperor.

Penthouse design

Massive furniture, interior doors and a luxurious staircase made of valuable wood, combined with elegant elements of the décor, will make the apartment refined and weighty. The palette of shades is preferable not pretentious, natural natural tones.

Penthouse design

Elektricheskie interiors. It implies the combination of different manners. They are in high demand among the owners of penthouses. Since it does not drive into the framework, but give the opportunity to express the unique traits of the family members.

Penthouse design

Antique furniture blended with handmade products and exclusive accessories. Playing in contrast, designers combine incongruous. Giving the penthouse design a touch of extravagance.

Penthouse design

Undoubtedly this direction gives freedom to the imagination, the main condition is to stop in time, that the room would not look like an attic from a horror film.

Penthouse design

High tech. Dynamic people, who adore the rabid rhythm of a megacity, very often prefer this style. Ultra-modern pieces of furniture, sparkling metal and glass, mirrored surfaces dive the inhabitants of the penthouse into the atmosphere of the galactic dimension.

Penthouse design

But high-tech, in the design of elite housing is rare, fashion trends are changeable, and chasing them can ultimately lead to loss of individuality.

Penthouse design

Modern. Like no other, this style is suitable for those wishing to single out their house from the general mass. Bright accents on the bed colors will bring a punch to the interior of the penthouse. Furniture of fantastic forms professionally highlighted will add a sense of eccentricity. Most modern style will suit newlyweds.

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Penthouse design

Characteristic features in the interior of penthouses

Located on the roofs of high-rise buildings, multi-level apartments, has a huge area, allowing its owners to abstract from the outside world. In order to emphasize these advantages, specialists get rid of partitions that "steal" space.

Penthouse design

This is due to the fact that dividing the room with partitions lost its free spirit, it turns into an ordinary apartment. If there is a glass roof, professionals tend not to overlap it, which makes it possible to enjoy the night starry sky.

Penthouse design

To avoid the negative effects of ultraviolet rays, special protection devices are used. Panoramic windows are left as open as possible, without blocking them with massive curtains.


In order to prevent the penthouse from turning into a chaotic space, zoning methods are used in planning. The working area is selected with furniture and furniture groups, lighting and stepwise crossings of the floor and ceiling.


A sufficient number of squares and high ceilings provide an excellent opportunity to zonate the room in various ways. Below is a photo of the interior design of the penthouse.

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Expensive housing does not accept cheap conditions. The options used in the arrangement of furniture can be different, the shape and material of which it is made can also meet the individual preferences of the owner, the same must be the same - quality and sound facade.


The main task of interior items is to make it expensive and at the same time not pretentious, but restrained and solid.

penthouse-with-open-terrace-on-the-45th floor-residential complex-triumph palace

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Design of a large penthouse









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