Design of the kitchen in 2018 - 130 photos of the best

The kitchen in any dwelling is the most conservative room. If in the house, the apartment is capital or cosmetic repairs, then the kitchen will take the last turn. If you simply change furniture, the situation, then the "hot" room will remain for all its, often ten years ago. If only plumbing or gas equipment has failed, which requires an immediate decision to replace.

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Hands do not reach the change of furniture?

Interior decoration of the kitchen is always more difficult than living room or bedroom. In the kitchen furniture is the most conservative. Cabinets, cubes, tables, dozens of boxes. And where else to remove so that everything was at hand: a fryer and a microwave, a grill and a set for squeezing juice from fruits and berries; a kit for processing and cooking or preserving vegetables, a meat grinder and a set for making coffee; coffee and tea sets, bowls and plates. And with a dozen large and small kitchen utensils.

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Whatever the modern kitchens of 2018, no hostess who regularly cooks in the kitchen preparing food, and the day will not do without an established environment. After all, all this economy is housed in headsets.

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Any woman will sacrifice the aesthetics of the kitchen for the full functionality of her equipment. And if they choose from the novelties, then only at their own discretion will apply the trends.

What will please the kitchen fashion of 2018?

We will give the best solutions for decorating the kitchen. First, touch on the most important element of the kitchen - gas or electrical equipment. Mistresses are simply tired of constant rubbing, and even washing everything that is in the kitchen. The sites are full of questions of users of the type: I do not use fat for cooking, and everything around me was swollen with some fat coating. Where is he from?

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From combustible gas. With a working gas stove, more than a dozen different substances are released into the air, harmful to both humans and kitchens: water vapor, aerosols, odorants - aromatic additives, hydrogen sulphide. All this reacts with each other, forming new and incomprehensible connections.

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Even non-working gas tiles continue to emit aromatic substances that have accumulated over the years. Summary: it is necessary to change the electric gas cooker. Even despite the price policy of energy carriers.

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Or change completely exhaust system. New and more modern in terms of work efficiency adapt to a well-established interior or to a new kitchen. More on this you can write an entire article.

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Fashionable interiors of 2018

Modena, still, the classic style. For example, white furniture with a series of door-windows. Consider a photo of the novelties of the kitchen design of 2018 and see what is used in the fashion trends of the year.

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This 3D patterns and feng shui, an abundance of light - even from the ceiling, but it's only in his country house, themed prints, retro motifs and American style. A variety of hanging elements, mostly hand-forged and accentuating curtains and much more. For every taste or preference. And then you get a cozy design in the kitchen.

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It's simplicity and unusual. The first impression of your guests, when you lead them to the kitchen, is this: "Did not have time with complete finishing?". And what else can you say when you see not plastered brick treasure parts of the kitchen wall. The owners will have to explain that this is an old and at the same time modernized style of home interior.

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He spread around the world from Detroit, the capital of the US automotive industry. When, due to the lack of a free territory in the city for housing, a part of the premises of factories and plants was given to apartments.

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Happy workers of the conveyor lines left part of the walls as they were in their original state. After washing and cleaning them from the soot and dust stuck in the bricks. This is how the architectural style of the interiors of houses of the 20th and 21st centuries was created.


Fashion for the kitchen in no way will relieve these already close parts of urban housing from bulky cubes-headsets. You can not get rid of them because of the functionality, which you can not get away with when preparing breakfasts, lunches, dinners, family and friendly celebrations.

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But you can colorize brighter, and they will be newer. But not more than two colors. Combining neutral - beige or milky color with saturated - lilac or blue. Or in a different scale, but only so that she would rejoice the eyes of the whole family.

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Functionality and aesthetics

You can order furniture with facades in the drawings. Plots - for your taste, you can space, wave. The main thing is that in a month they do not bother the housewife of the kitchen or family members.

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In the fashion of this year, the mono-color interior prevails in a single tonality. Although white, brown does not give up, but many have already opted for pink or azure.

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Black and white kitchens are still a "squeak" of fashion, but white should be in this interior closer in tone or podtenku to icy. Whoever wants to apply this style for the first time, but has read about the fact that he visually narrows the size of the kitchen, we note: this is possible only with a matte interior surface. Gloss will expand the space.

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In the decoration of the kitchen in the fashion of 2018 - granite and marble. The last of those named in the fashion trends is a number of years and, perhaps, fed up with someone. But in conjunction with the granite structure will make both beautiful shades and functionality of such a coating.

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