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The comfort in the house or apartment depends directly on even the smallest elements. Successfully selected curtains, impeccable tiles, a rug in the hallway, all these details make our life more comfortable and more stable.

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Previously, balconies or loggias eventually became a repository for unnecessary household items, but now everything is different. People try to equip even the smallest corner, especially a small apartment, so that if you come home you can relax with a cup of favorite tea and read a beautiful book.

Importance of the size of the loggia for interior choice

The room in which the magic transfiguration will take place does not have to be spacious, it's enough that it's there.


Small balcony

Usually, such balconies litter the fastest, as they are not particularly roaming. But do not despair, there is always a solution. For example, you can arrange small lockers, drape them under the seats, and attach the hinged table to the wall.


It turns out quite practical and ergonomic. In addition, having attached to the ceiling hanging mezzanines, it becomes possible to store things behind the doors of cabinets. Broken soft lighting, will allow you to be outdoors at any time of the day.


Rectangular loggia of medium size

The design of the loggia finishing requires careful selection of materials, the main thing is not to go too far with the number of items. Now it is important to take into account all your desires and implement them in practice. You can arrange a flower gallery by hanging on the walls elegant forged rings for flower pots.

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Semitransparent curtains with a simple ornament, let in a sea of ​​light and warmth. To finish the floors, as you can see from the photo design of the loggia, use the cover for ash, maple, chestnut, beech. Such combinations will visually expand the space, and relieve tension after a day's work.

Rectangular loggia

Huge loggias

The main advantage of such spaces is that they can be divided into zones. Thus, the loggia can serve as a rest room, as well as a private office. If you use this design in design, then you should think about the color combinations that separate space.


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A smoother transition will require gradations from one spectrum to another. For example, the style of a modern loft with a brick finish and various thematic elements of industrial America of the 60s for the cabinet and country style, which are typical for the colors of the shrouds for the rest room.


Contrasting can be provided between style oriental motifs with traditional bright colors and velvet fabrics and a high-tech style, where the clarity of lines and the smoothness of surfaces will adjust to the working mode.


Smooth transitions of this modern design of the loggia are capable of screens and partitions.

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Redevelopment - eating a living room and a loggia

In many modern apartments, the interior allows you to radically change the layout and get rid of walls that do not fit into the planned project.


Combine two completely different for the purpose of the premises, a bold move that will expand the living space and simultaneously turn the loggia into an inhabited space.


When combining, you can simply remove the doors and windows without touching the supporting frame, and the remaining window sill stylized to decorate the interior of the living room, bedroom or kitchen, placing on it a telephone, books or a mini bar. Difficulties can only be made up of documentary issues related to the demolition of load-bearing structures.


Otherwise, such a decision for loggias of design in 2017 is quite appropriate, given the development of modern technologies in matters of insulation of windows, walls and floor, which is an important factor in the existing climate conditions.

balcony balcony

Photo of modern design ideas for loggia design





























Huge loggias

Huge loggias


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