Doors on the balcony - the advantages of modern models

The door belonging to the balcony can perform several functions: first, it serves to enter the balcony itself, and secondly, it allows the light to pass into the room.


Basically, it was made of wood, but over time, materials for manufacturing and the door models themselves have a wide range, for example, plastic, accordion, swing, glass, coupe, sliding. And on this list does not end.

In this article, we will discuss each of the species in more detail, and also reveal all the advantages and disadvantages of the most common options, determining which one is more suitable for a balcony, which is for a loggia, and which ones should be abandoned altogether.


Since the classic version of the balcony block looks like a combination of two elements - windows and doors, then they should be decorated in the same style. Another important criterion is the tightness of the structure itself, since drafts must not enter the room. Doors should be as comfortable as possible during use, and the fabric should not touch the corners and possible protrusions. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the hardware, so that the opening is the most comfortable.

The doors to the balcony

The main types of balcony installations

There are several types of door models for the balcony. Let's consider each of them in more detail.


1. Classical style. The main material for the doors is a tree that is suitable not only for the balcony, but also for the loggia. They are made from natural wood, from pine and to more valuable breeds. For frames, a glued beam is very suitable, which makes it possible for the leaflets to not shrink or swell. The advantage of such a material is the thermal conductivity, which can keep the heat well.

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2. Modern models. Are made of wood with use of a panel from a double-glazed window. Due to high-quality hardware, the door is conveniently used. When installing a special lock, the possibility of slamming the door is excluded, and the presence of a child lock excludes the possibility of an independent exit of the child to the balcony part.


The listed types are presented in the photo of the doors to the balcony at the very bottom of the article.


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Featured Items

In this case, special attention is paid to innovative sliding systems that are not able to occupy the main area, while the glass doors to the balcony move apart noiselessly at the expense of the rollers, providing a wide opening and maximum illumination of the room from the side of the street.


Doors are made of a profile of PVC and polished glass, which has a thickness of at least 4 millimeters. It is protected by a special insulation made of rubber, the doors are fixed with a latch and have a double sealed seal.


Another advantage of modern models is several options for opening. It depends on the mechanism, the choice of which is due to certain conditions for installing the balcony block. Let's pay attention to each of these mechanisms.

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1. Sliding. It is a traditional version of the design, based on the expansion due to rollers on skids. This is an excellent option for both the balcony and the loggia, as well as rational use of the common space.


2. Lifting mechanism. Doors made of glass are opened by lifting the sash. In the upper part, sealers are installed, which, when the doors are moving, are pressed together as tightly as possible, thereby perfect sealing is performed.


3. Sliding and sliding doors. Inserts are made from double-glazed windows, which allow to pass light from the outside. Great for wide openings.


4. Sliding and sliding mechanisms. The leaf is opened by moving forward, and then to the side.


5. Parallel sliding doors. Provide a panoramic view even in the usual "Khrushchev", while the number of chamber glazing varies from 3 to 5.


6. Garmoshka. The most practical material is aluminum sections.

French doors

7. French doors. They represent whole glass canvases, which can be expanded to the entire existing opening.


"Leader" options for loggia and balcony

There is a huge amount of beautiful doors to the balcony. The modern version of the doors in the open form forms a huge single opening. Metal-plastic doors are equipped with a special folding mechanism, which is necessary for convenient airing of the room.


You should take into account the presence of glazing of the balcony or loggia, since in its absence, the hardware is installed, which has a swing-and-tilt mechanism. Also in such cases it is recommended to install double-glazed windows with three glasses or a door with the maximum warm frame and with a glass having a spraying.


The main problems and their solution

Consider the main problems that can arise as a result of the operation of doors, as well as the ways to solve them.

  • when changing the angle of the cloth, it is necessary to remove the cap from the hinge, and then rotate the key to change the angle in the required direction;
  • in order to return the blade to its original position after it is raised, it is necessary to rotate the key in the loop clockwise;
  • during the deformation of the canvas for its rescue, it is necessary to remove the studs with a chisel, then pull out the double-glazed window and install the necessary gaskets between the frame and the double-glazed window, after which the studs return to their place;
  • for adjusting the door travel, and more specifically its far edge, it is necessary to adjust the upper and middle hinges;
  • in order to insulate the doors, you will need foam rubber, which must be laid in places on slopes where there are cracks.


When choosing a door leaf, it should be borne in mind that they should not be able to open or close independently, and the hinges should be as light as possible.


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