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It is very important for every housewife to dry the laundry in time after washing, especially if it is washed on the eve of some important event. If the balcony does not have a special place for drying, then not only will the laundry not dry out in time, so it can get lost all over the apartment.


Many residents of apartments in high-rise buildings are deprived of the opportunity to dry clothes on the street on a special drying, and therefore use a loggia, a balcony for this.

In almost every apartment today you can observe the use of special laundry drying of different designs. A modern electric dryer is a real mast-house of any hostess - wet laundry is dried very quickly.


What are the dryers for the balcony? How to install the dryer? How to make a dryer with your own hands?


Clothes dryer on the balcony

Advantages of wall-mounted laundry dryer:

  • The design withstands a load of about 50 kg of laundry.
  • Ideal for a small balcony.

laundry dryer

There are several types of special devices that are used as drying for laundered laundry, and among themselves they differ in the way of attachment: a wall drier on a balcony, floor, hanging, external.

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laundry dryer

Dryer of external type. If you are a conservative in life and are confident that the best option for drying clothes is a rope. So this is an ideal variant, but there were some shortcomings:

  • Dust stains the laundered items
  • Your balcony from the street does not look beautiful
  • The duration of drying depends on what kind of weather outside the window

laundry dryer

It is important to take into account the fact that the laundry should be removed in time after such drying, for example, if a thunderstorm comes. Moreover, the drawback - from smoking neighbors should be somehow fought, because the smell of laundry washed away with smoke.

laundry dryer

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Floor dryer and its features:

  • It is possible to use a folding structure in any convenient place.
  • Convenient use.
  • Does not require any fasteners.

laundry dryer

Wall dryer is ideal for a small balcony. Such a dryer should be firmly attached to the wall, and also not overloaded.

laundry dryer-nastennye_06_1

It is very practical to consider a cantilever dryer that can withstand about 10 kg of wet laundry. It's like a metal accordion that hangs on the wall, and just spreads out to use it. For a small balcony, this option is ideal.

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The dryer on the ceiling balcony is not very different from the wall-type dryer, but the fixing is made to the ceiling, which saves space on the balcony.

multi-purpose folding-dryer-balcony-window-hanger-for-towels

The dryer can be of different lengths, satisfying the needs of each consumer.


All the slats are made of metal, do not rust. The panels are not thick at all, and therefore even underwear and socks can easily be placed on such a dryer.


It is best to use a dryer made in the form of a creeper. Drawing of cords is made from racks through a special roller mechanism. On the surface of the wall is put a special latch, which keeps the slats at a certain level. Then the bar goes up, the cord is fastened. If the dryer is not needed, the slats are placed at the very top, without stealing the space of the balcony.


Numerous photo dryers on the balcony in the Internet can someone push on the idea of ​​making a dryer with their own hands. What do you need for this?

  • On the wall are attached 2 wooden slats opposite one another.
  • On the wooden slats, fastening of the ring-screws is performed. The number depends on the number of ropes.
  • Gaps, obtained after screwing screws are fixed.

laundry dryer

The dryer can be chosen to your taste, depending on how much you are willing to spend on it and where in the plans to produce drying clothes. Believe me, after installing the dryer for laundry you will forget about the problem of finding laundry throughout the apartment.


Photo how to place a dryer on the balcony

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