Falsh fireplace with own hands - step by step instruction

Those in whose possession there are city apartments, for sure somewhere in the depths of their hearts there is not enough crackling of firewood in the home interior. But, this is not a reason to deny yourself such pleasure, having limited from the fireplace, near which you can sit comfortably in a frosty evening.


After all, decorative false fireplaces are made with their own hands capable of bringing to your house no less comfort and warmth. Especially if they are equipped with a flame simulation, as well as an electric stove.

Step-by-step instruction on how to make a false fireplace

This is quite an uncomplicated procedure. For manufacturing, you will need to make a sketch, which, by the way, you can draw yourself! Building materials will suit any. You can apply gypsum cardboard on a frame made of metal / wood.


Polyurethane, porcelain tiles, tiles, MDF. You can come up with absolutely any shape of your fireplace, for example, simulate a classic hearth, or create an original design that will complement other decorative elements.

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We suggest you read the recommendations on how to make a false-fireplace with your own hands.



The quickest way to make your decorative fireplace is to purchase a ready-made polyurethane portal. The thing is that for today the store offers a wide range of different portals, among which to choose the right style, dimensions for your housing is absolutely not problematic.

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In this construction, it is possible to install electric fireplaces, for which you need to know about what its dimensions (dimensions and installation). It is also important to know what are the requirements for ventilation and connection to electricity.


When making a decision to install a fake fireplace made of polyurethane, you can take advantage of the photo of the fireplaces in our catalog, thanks to which you will probably quickly determine the right choice.

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To carry out such a version of the fireplace, you need a store polyurethane portal, a contact type of glue, putty, finishing materials for a fireplace like a decorative brick.


Installation process:

  • Select the place where the false fireplace will be installed. It is desirable to install it on one of the side walls in the room, because, thus, achieve maximum harmony. In this case, the fireplace should not become a barrier to movement in the room.
  • You need to think in advance whether there will be an electric fireplace in your portal, as well as a backlight. To do this, you need to conduct the wires and make an outlet nearby.
  • Using wooden bars you should make a frame. Plywood or GCR is also suitable for a profile with a wall.
  • The portal should be installed. Then fasten using contact adhesive. Accurately shpaklyuete gaps, using the finish type of putty.
  • Install an electric fireplace, perform the furnish of the firebox in accordance with the preferred style of interior design. If necessary, connect the backlight. If your fireplace is in the classic style, the highlight will be ideal with soft and warm tones. In other cases, an LED ribbon may be used.



If you do not intend to install an electric fireplace, decorate the back of your structure with a mirror. At the bottom, lay the zadekorirovannye logs / fill it with stones, seashells, balls of glass.


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You can make a completely safe fire inside your fireplace. To do this, install a candle in the furnace with different shapes and heights.


Decorated daytime fireplace parts

The portal can be decorated using paint, patina, gilding, or with the help of decoration elements. Fireplace shelf can be installed from wood / artificial stone.


In the finished form portals come from polyurethane, wood. They are much more expensive in value, at the same time among them you can find the most incredible masterpieces. For example, inside the bar can be arranged.


Gypsum plasterboard false fireplace

If after the repair work you have a profile or GCR left, use it! This option will not only be excellent, but also quite inexpensive. And the design will fit into a niche / corner of any type. It can also become an element of this shelf composition.


For such a construction you will need: wood beams, galvanized plasterboard profile, GKL cuttings, plywood sheets, screwdriver, jig saw, metal scissors, putty, acrylic-based paint, brick / decorative stone.


The manufacturing process is as follows. In advance, it is important to think over the sketch of the fireplace, which will indicate all the dimensions, including the junction of the frame parts. The room is important to measure, decide where exactly the fireplace will stand. Then the required amount of material is calculated.


The frame is made of a profile, its elements are joined together by self-tapping screws. The profile is cut with a hacksaw / scissors. To ensure that all elements are the most stable, they should be joined by transverse types of jumpers. If your design is too oversized, then the frame should be attached to the floor and walls. After all, if it is heavy, or just narrow, the fireplace will be completely unstable. GCR should be cut out in accordance with the sketch, then make a fitting, trim if necessary and secure with knee black screws directly to the profile. It is necessary to slightly flatten the self-tapping hats so that it will not be problematic in the future. GKL is easy enough to cut with a knife.


Then the sheets are screwed to the frame. At the joints and fixing points should be puttyed, level with a putty intended for internal work, in two layers. The corners should be strengthened with a paint net.


Then it is necessary to fill the edges with the GCR joints. Align the surfaces on the sheets, if necessary, use the putty. The construction should be painted. Also for finishing you need to use other materials, like artificial stone, tiles, stucco moldings. Glue on special glue, which is bred strictly according to the instructions.


The furnace is decorated with brickwork, or a mirror is mounted on the rear wall of the structure.


Also inside the furnace can be installed candles, or set the simulation of the hearth with the presence of lighting.


The false fireplace is an absolutely safe design, which can be installed even in children's rooms. In this case, you can use a mantel shelf as a stand for photo frames, toys and other things.


Photos of the best design options for falsh fireplaces in the interior

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