Floor hangers in the interior - photos of the most unusual

Wherever you go you need somewhere to put on outer clothing, and to make clothes as long as possible retains its attractive appearance, it's best to hang it neatly. That is why the clothes hanger is an integral part of the hallways.

Floor Hangers

Modern hangers, including floor-standing, are very different. Before deciding to buy a hanger, you must choose the model that fits perfectly into your interior and will be convenient for you.

  • Metal hanger
  • Wooden hanger
  • Combined hanger model
  • Design features
  • Floor coat rack in the home interior
  • Photo of floor hangers in the interior

Metal hanger

Standard floor hanger from metal in height 170-185 see, is in demand at many buyers as such hanger distinguishes reliability of a design.

Floor Hangers

Recently, there have been improved versions of this model, which are equipped with additional elements, so that they can store not only the outerwear, but also accessories such as handbags, hats and umbrellas.

013 floor_ hanger

Metal hanger – это удобная вещь для домашней прихожей, как на фото напольной вешалки в каталоге. Однако чаще всего такие вешалки можно встретить в офисах.

Floor Hangers

Wooden hanger

Hangers of the floor structure of wood look graceful and noble, so they are bought for home furnishings, as well as for restaurants and beauty salons.


The wooden floor hanger has significant advantages, in the first place it is compact, its dimensions make it convenient to place it anywhere, which makes it especially attractive for a small hallway.

043 floor_ hanger

At the same time its capacity allows you to replace the bulky cabinet with an elegant hanger. In addition, its light weight makes it easy to move the hanger. The original design of wooden hangers, associated with the texture and uniqueness of the pattern of wood, makes it a highlight of the interior of the hallway.

Floor Hangers

Combined hanger model

Usually the combined models of floor hangers are made of different materials, for example, metal or plastic hooks are fixed on a stone base, and the supporting structure is made of wood.

Floor Hangers

Externally, such a hanger looks fresh, stylish, fashionable and interesting.

Floor Hangers

Design features

The design of the outdoor hanger depends on its purpose and on the functionality of the room in which it is planned to install the hanger. So, floor hangers in the interior of the hallway, differ from those that are designed for suit or wardrobe.

Floor Hangers

The hallway is more suitable for high rack hangers, at the top of which are hooks for outerwear and hats. The lower part is equipped with a stand for umbrellas.


Such a hanger is usually three-legged, and sometimes it stands on a monolithic, round pillar. This model is distinguished by increased capacity and stability.


Recently, the costume hanger outdoor from Ikea has become popular, with its help it is convenient to store all the details of the wardrobe in one place.


The design of the outdoor suit hanger is a trouser bar, a separate tie sector and hangers for the jacket, and a mirror with a shelf for small parts. Sometimes suit hangers are supplied with wheels.


Recently appeared, but already had time to like the modular outdoor hangers. They are quite roomy, and they take up little space. But most importantly their advantage is the ability to change their configuration.

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Demanded floor hanger on wheels. Its main advantage is mobility. Most often, such hangers can be found in offices and various institutions.

Floor Hangers

Floor coat rack in the home interior

In the hallway, the interior of which is in the style of hi-tech, you can put a classic metal hanger or an avant-garde version with metal elements, for example, in the form of abstraction. In the classic interior looks good wooden hanger.

Floor Hangers

The floor hanger is exactly the kind of furniture that will allow you to easily put things in order in the house, properly store outerwear and decorate the interior of the hallway.


At the same time, the floor hanger will not take up much space and will make the premises more vivid, more expressive, making it organic, fashionable and exquisite, after coming into the house, the first thing we see is the hallway.


Photo of floor hangers in the interior


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Floor Hangers

Floor Hangers


Floor Hangers





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Floor Hangers

Floor Hangers

Floor Hangers

Floor Hangers

Floor Hangers

Floor Hangers

Floor Hangers

Floor Hangers

Floor Hangers


Floor Hangers


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