Floor lamps in the interior in a modern interior (45 photos)

Creating a design project for rooms in the apartment, specialists do not forget about the physical and psychological rest of the tenants. For such solutions come to the aid floor lamps. They have a lot of advantages unlike other lighting devices. They do not need to hang anywhere and mount. The floor lamp can be moved to any convenient place. It depends on the needs and moods.


If you want to read in bed, then the floor lamp placed next will solve all the problems. It serves to create coziness in the rooms. A floor lamp necessarily on a high leg can be three. Above the lampshade, which can be varied both in shape and material of manufacture.

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Characteristics of floor lamps for the right choice

Now we need to figure out how to choose a floor lamp to adhere to a single style of housing. Usually the lamps look very noticeable. But if you follow the rules and recommendations, it will stand very elegantly and serve as a complement to the premises.


Floor lamps in the Art Deco style

Fixtures suitable for this style, perfectly suited for modern facilities. Their shape to the top is noticeably expanding. Such floor lamps are slim and high-quality.


Floor lamps in high-tech style

In this interior will fit a floor lamp with a curved stand. A base made of strong metal, and the lampshade itself can be in the form of a glass bowl or a plastic cylinder.


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Glamorous style

In modern interiors, floor lamps tend to stand out. They usually create the uniqueness of the room, causing some mystery. They are made of glass and stainless metal, where all kinds of rhinestones serve as a must.


Classic style

For a room where everything is matched, with an accent for antiquity, a lamp with a stainless stand and a shade made of textile material is selected. It should be decorated with embroideries, beads and other miscellaneous handwork.


Tips for placing floor lamps

Floor lamps for the recreation area

Ideal is the living room to accommodate there for reading or relaxation. Furniture is selected depending on their own preferences. It can be a chair, and next to the wall shelf with books. This corner creates an incredible atmosphere of coziness and comfort. You can put a floor lamp wherever the main thing is not on the aisle.

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Floor lamps for bedrooms

The lamp will be most conveniently placed near the bed. For functionality near the single bed on one side use a bedside table, and on the other - a floor lamp. It must be equipped with regulators for the required light supply.

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Fixtures for dining areas

The design of a floor lamp for such premises should be with a shade, which is made in warm colors. Floor lamps are very often used for dining areas, because thanks to them, the meal becomes more appetizing.

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A few simple design ideas

Floor lamps in the interiors of housing are quite noticeable structures. In order not to focus very much on them, the fixtures are selected precisely for the chosen style of the room.


Also there are group floor lamps and look quite original. If you buy three lamps and ask them different heights, then this will be a bold decision. This style is rarely to be found.


In today's modern world, manufacturers began to produce different types of floor lamps. But they stick to the same design. Quite elegantly looks the whole family of identical fixtures in the same room, if they are located at different angles.

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To increase the light, the floor lamp is placed near the hanging mirror. So the lamp will be even more transformed. The lampshade can be matched in color with curtains, a coverlet on the couch or match the brightness of the walls.

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Photos of the best ideas for decorating a floor lamp in the interior







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