Floor on the balcony - the best ideas with photo examples

You can handle repairs yourself when you do not need to be a professional builder. The instruction how to make a floor on a balcony, will allow to raise comfortableness of a premise.


The relevance of the device floors on the balcony

In new buildings, the existing landlord uses the property rationally. On the balcony, the house craftsman easily equips a library, an office, a playroom for children or a winter garden.

Options for the optimal arrangement of floors

Floors can be warm, warm or cold. When choosing construction and finishing materials, attention is paid to the operational properties and temperature characteristics. Below are the most common options:

  • Mounting with alignment. A cement screed is being carried out, without the need to use thermal insulation.
  • By analogy, the floor with the use of a heater is arranged. In general, expanded clay and extruded polystyrene foam are used.
  • Leveling floors by performing a semi-dry screed. Thermal insulation materials are not applied.
  • Laying floors with a semi-dry screed and thermal insulation.
  • Installation of wooden floors using logs. Masters can insulate floors or do without heat insulation materials.
  • Laying of wooden floors without a heater or with a heater with a floor covering from a laminate or linoleum.
  • Installation of extruded polystyrene foam. With this method, logs are not required, EPS boarding is laid on expanded polystyrene.
  • Execution of a concrete screed with a floor covering made of porcelain tiles. As an alternative, you can buy a laminate or linoleum.
  • Device "warm floor". The system itself is represented by two options for heating - with water or electricity. The insulation of the floor on the balcony is carried out using different thermal insulation.


It is important not to make mistakes when choosing building materials. If it is already decided which option is more suitable, then the materials should be selected appropriate. Important criteria include the type of balcony. Tiles are suitable for outdoor use, and for a glazed room there is a wooden floor covering.


Floors on the balcony - the sequence of the laying of ceramics

Ceramic tiles have their advantages and disadvantages. Its advantages include excellent performance. The material is aesthetic, durable, and requires simple maintenance. The cold surface of the ceramic is a minus. Instructions for laying the tiled floor can be represented by the following algorithm:

  • The mounting surface is cleaned, a special film for waterproofing is placed on top of it.
  • Determine the height to which you want to build a surface, and buy a heater that has the appropriate thickness. Thermal insulation material is mounted on the waterproofing.
  • Next, make a cement screed. It is necessary to wait, when it will dry, and to paste on it ceramics.
  • To make the lining look aesthetically pleasing, it is recommended to use a special cross. After complete drying of the screed, the seams are rubbed.


What floor to make on the balcony, each master chooses himself. Of all the above methods of arranging a balcony, the most popular are discussed below.

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Align floors with cement screed

To the house craftsman before the beginning of performance of works, it is necessary to be defined with a kind of a cement screed. He can use regular, dry or semi-dry. Regardless of which species was chosen, it is required to level the floors. This process involves priming with the installation of lighthouses.


To get a quality screed, the masters use the building level. If it is planned to make insulated floors, the installation of lighthouses should be preceded by a pillow of extruded polystyrene foam or backfilling with expanded clay.


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Usually the cement screed is made from a traditional mixture of cement and sand. If 400 cement is chosen for work, the solution is made from the proportional ratio of cement to sand - ¼. When the sand is high quality, the mixture is prepared at the rate of 1/3.


For a semi-dry screed water is required in half. The mixture must be mixed thoroughly, it should resemble snow in its structure. After unloading with a shovel, the solution is rammed. Surplus, as in the first case, draws along the lighthouses.


Semi-dry screed on the next day rubbed with a polterom or a special grater to avoid the appearance of cracks on the surface.

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Important information! The usual screed is similar in consistence to mashed potatoes. The liquid solution is cracked as soon as it dries.

screed-with-additional-bulk layer

Installation of a dry screed differs from the previous ones: it is necessary to lay slabs of gypsum fiber or fiber cement on a prepared base of extruded polystyrene foam or expanded clay. After laying the joints are glued and fixed using self-tapping screws, which are screwed at a distance of 15 or 20 cm from each other.

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Important information! The layer of expanded clay must be at least 3 cm, so that the screed is not cold.


How to make a wooden floor on the balcony?

Preparation of sawn timber

A durable floor can be obtained if the wooden materials are treated with an antiseptic, dry them again to repeat this procedure. If the processed lumber is bought, then this step is skipped.

floor insulation

Surface preparation

Professionals advise to install wooden floors on a concrete base. It will be necessary to completely dismantle the old covering and remove the building from the construction debris. The surface is inspected and, if necessary, plastered, and the cracks are closed with a mounting foam.


Installation of heat reflecting cloth

To heat does not go away, stack the heat-reflecting film. The fabric should be greater than the width and length of the floor by about 50 cm. Then the edges of the material will be on 25 cm from all sides to go to the walls.

heat insulation-floor-polystyrene

Mounting the lag

The transverse lugs are made from a bar, they are fastened to the base of the floor at a distance of 40 or 50 cm by dowel-nails or anchors. The fixing step is 5 - 6 cm. The main logs of the massive board are fixed over the transverse ones. The distance between the main lags is 4.5 cm to 5 cm.


It is necessary to make sure that there are no distortions. The logs can be leveled using the mounting level. Further, the floor is insulated with mineral wool.


Laying a massive board

The boards are cut to size and laid on the base. From the first of them saw off the thorn. It is necessary to align the boards with respect to the outer and inner walls at 90 degrees. The gap between wooden materials and walls should not be more than 1.5 cm.


The boards are fastened with self-tapping screws, which are screwed at an angle of 45 degrees. Fastening of boards among themselves is carried out by means of an insert of a thorn in a groove.


Installation of "warm floors"

It is not difficult to make a system of water "warm floors" with your own hands. The second way is to install a cable system for heating. In the latter case, heating mats are used. You can see the photo of the floor on the balcony, which is easy to install and quickly put into operation.


Photo of ready-made floor design on the balcony














carpet 4








deck deck on the balcony



spacious-balcony-trimmed-wood-frame-side view



laying-electric floor


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