French balcony - elegance with a twist in the interior of

Almost everyone has no idea what the French balcony means. Nevertheless, any of us, at least once in my life, have to see such a structure. The French call him - the portfeller, which translates into Russian as a window with a door.


The main difference is the presence of a forged lattice, which they are decorated. See the photo of the French balconies.

In olden times French balconies were called, small portable platforms surrounded by a forged fence, which lacked space for no more than one person. In addition, these structures were intended for ventilation of the home.


The main role of the French balcony

Currently, the French glazing of balconies, called stained glass, panoramic frames from floor to ceiling, with a door to a small fenced area. Which resembles a large basket thanks to its rounded shape.

This design is decorative and does not perform any meaningful functions. Because of the small space, the balcony is not capable of being used for the purpose of storing things or serve as a rest area. Among other things, ventilation is currently performed in completely different ways.

In general, the balcony is a rather peculiar decoration of the front of the building. But for someone who likes houseplants, this will be very invaluable. Since it is possible to arrange a whole greenhouse on it, with different colors, which will serve as an original decoration.

The buildings, equipped with French balconies, look very nice, interesting and refined. From a similar balcony it is much nicer to enjoy the superb scenery behind the window.

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Advantages of the French balcony

  • no costs for mounting the parapet, its further decoration and strengthening
  • no need to sew up the outside with a profiled sheet, or siding
  • no insulation and interior finishing required
  • The design visually expands the space and fills the room with additional lighting
  • creating a unique overview window
  • exclusion of welded work during installation
  • saving funds to purchase materials for interior finishing
  • more number of alternatives for decoration purposes

The main properties of the French balcony

Technical data include dimensions, presence of water diversion, mosquito nets and other additional parts of the structure. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the technical characteristics of the profile, as well as its quality and color. If necessary in facilitating the design, then it is definitely worth using an aluminum profile.

Only this option, although cheaper than metal-plastic, but much worse for heat - and soundproofing properties. The number of window flaps and their functionality are of fundamental importance. Everything depends on the area of ​​the balcony and the desired external part.

The sashes of the window frame can be swivel-folding, swinging, or open outward, depending on the severity of the double-glazed window and wish the customers. It is important not to lose sight of the strength of the facade, to which the design and installation height will be attached.

Varieties of French balconies

There are several types of French balconies. One of the simplest is an apartment with a French balcony, in the form of an ordinary glass door that has a barrier on the outside or inside. If the structure protrudes slightly from the base of the concrete, it is more complex.

Since it must be supported by a strong cornice. Such a system is considered to be classical.

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The image of the balcony is able to differ depending on the technology of its attachment to the facade of the house. The connection can be pin-point, but this implies a minimal use of metal parts. In addition, it is possible to attach the balcony to the channel.

Photo of the refined interior of the balcony in French style

Captured in the streets of Nice on July 19th, 2011

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