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Greek style in the interior refers to the classics. It is characterized by the clarity of lines and borders, decor in the form of stucco, murals on the walls, large mirrors, an abundance of white, natural finishes, classical furniture and other features.

Greek style

Before proceeding to create an interior in the Greek style, it will not hurt to find out the history of its appearance.

  • A short digression into the history
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A short digression into the history

The homeland of the style is ancient Greece. The time of its appearance dates back to the third millennium BC. After the liberation of the lands between the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas from Egyptian influence.

Greek style

The Greeks sought perfection in everything, including architecture. Gradually they began to replace the rough stone with a more noble marble. In the interior of dwellings and facades began to use sculptures depicting athletically built man, as well as busts and graphic images of persons in profile.

Greek style

Gradually the Greek style began to prevail even in the neighboring Roman Empire. In turn, from the Romans Greeks took pomposity and splendor in the form of gilding. It was applied to the stucco and furniture elements.

Greek style

Signs of modern Greek style

Over the millennium, the Greek interior acquired a number of characteristic features.

Greek style

The advantage of white color, which complement natural natural tones. White is present in the design of the floor, ceiling, walls and even furniture, and other colors are represented in the decor and textiles.

Greek style

Especially popular is the combination of white with sea or olive shades, which are also typical of Greece. Welcome paired combinations of shades: white with blue, sand with olive, beige and white.

Greek style

The brightness of the second shade on the white background is not required. The tone is calm, low-key.

Greek style

Finishing materials with rough texture. For finishing walls and ceiling use natural untreated stone, untreated plaster, careless whitewashing and other materials, if only the walls were not smooth.

Greek style

Use as a decoration of statues and fountains, arranged in niches. In the living room can be laid out a white fireplace with tiles for decoration.

Greek style

Greek interior design is not possible in a small room with low ceilings. Initially, the architecture of Ancient Greece was a building with high ceilings, which were decorated with bas-reliefs and high reliefs with images of ancient heroes and gods.


In a modern apartment, such decorations are possible only with a sufficient ceiling height. The absence of such decor elements does not allow us to fully represent the Greek style.


The ceiling can be simply whitewashed and painted. Illustrations for the legends and myths of Ancient Greece can be used as scenes for painting. On the perimeter can go a typical ancient Greek ornament in the strip.


If there is a desire to decorate the interior in a more modern Greek style, it is acceptable to decorate the ceilings with beams.


Unity of the textures of the ceiling, walls and floor. All of them can be either smooth or rough, combinations of textures are not used. Often used for mosaic flooring mosaic - typical for the Greek style of decorative material.

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Textiles are only natural: linen, cotton, bamboo fiber. The style of curtains is the simplest, no complex draperies and flounces. The fabric is either monophonic, or with a typical Greek ornament. None of the textiles should carry only a decorative function. Everyone has a practical application.


Photo interiors in the Greek style give an idea of ​​how the lighting is arranged. There must always be a lot of light. In the afternoon it penetrates through the huge window openings, and in the dark time of day it comes from numerous lighting devices. In addition to the central chandelier, these can be sconces and floor lamps with plafonds of a simple configuration made of natural materials.


Decorative items from ancient times. Of course, we are not talking about genuine amphoras and frescoes. But their plausible imitations are completely permissible. It can also be statues and statuettes, columns, floor vases, stucco molding and pseudo-lepine.


Characteristic for the Ancient Hellas ornaments in the design of curbs on walls, textiles, furniture, the central part of the ceiling and floor, prints. Typical patterns - a circle in a square, zigzags, right angles, even when depicting waves and spirals, plant motifs.


So, the Greek style in the interior can be called luxurious. Accordingly, it requires quite a lot of money. But the result will meet all expectations, and the interior will give owners a pleasant pastime and let themselves be the hero of ancient legends about Gods and Goddesses.

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