Horseshoe by own hands - step by step instruction with photo

Still long since the horseshoe is considered an amulet bringing success, luck and wealth. If you remember the ancient beliefs, legends and other things, such a talisman was found in the tomb of Nero - the emperor, and it was in 482 BC!


To date, not everyone will be successful, finding a talisman of luck. Why, it's not so difficult to make a horseshoe for luck with your own hands! In particular, if you follow certain rules, namely:

  • For myself, the amulet is never done by one's own hands.
  • Such a gift should be exclusively with good intentions, spontaneous. With all my heart and heart, given to another person. Such an amulet can not be forced to do ever and no one.
  • The strongest are talismans / amulets, which were given to close relatives: sister / brother, spouse, parents.
  • Material for the amulet should be chosen very carefully and seriously. Sometimes it happens that some materials are suitable for one person, but harm others.
  • When creating the amulet, think about whom you will present it to. Imagine at this time the character of this man, need, feel the energy.

How to make a horseshoe with your own hands?

But it can be that there is simply no one to give an amulet.


Then you need to stock up on a wide variety of materials to make an amulet. Round mirror should be traced along the contour by a lighted candle.


When choosing a material, you should close your eyes, take any cloth, put it on the mirror, literally for a third of a minute. Then, while the eyes remain closed, you need to hold the tissue in your hands, feel it, feel your own feelings at this moment. If you feel sympathy and a warm feeling, the material is uniquely yours.

In general, the horseshoe manufacturing instruction is common for all types of mascots. It is necessary to tune in before the mirror, i.e. look at the reflection, remembering only the pleasant and positive, while thinking directly about the protection that your personal horseshoe will provide. And when the amulet is ready, you do not have to part with it, because it is "charged" with force, which protects you from any kind of bad weather.


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The materials used for such amulets are used differently. Each symbol has a certain designation, for example:

  • Beans / bag - mean prosperity.
  • The pepper of red color is love.
  • Seeds of pumpkin - fertility.
  • Corn - healthy babies, the continuation of the legacy.
  • Nuts - mind.
  • Different herbs - health.
  • Bread - peace in the home and absolute agreement.
  • Coins - good luck with success.
  • Onions with garlic - success, fortune.
  • Sunflower - happiness in the family, hospitality.
  • Berries are a good harvest.
  • Apples are love with joy.
  • Lapti - comfort in the monastery.
  • Broom, turned up - money profit, if down - sweep quarrels from the hearth.
  • Cones are hardworking.
  • Mac - the fulfillment of desires and dreams.
  • Rosehip / mountain ash - beauty with youth.
  • The leaves of the laurel are a success with glory.


Master horseshoe class with your own hands from threads

As a basis, you can use plywood / corrugated cardboard. The shape of the horseshoe is cut according to the pattern. The base can be covered with sackcloth, linen twine. Cover the contour with pigtails made of ropes.


At the top of the horseshoe make a daisy, which means "faithfulness." It will help to disguise the nail, which is hammered into the product. In suspended panties put a coin for good luck, as well as a laying hen, for the sake of fertility. Paradise birds can also be placed.


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Do in any size three bags, but at the same time, so they want to have live eyes. Fill the bags with seeds, beans, seeds.


Regarding the sides of your horseshoe, it is convenient to fasten the parts with a thermo gun. For decoration, try to use as much greenery, fruits and berries as possible.


But as for the pouches, they usually make a nozzle of beans, buttons for peepholes, or they buy in ready-made form, a beard with a mustache is made from pakli / threads. Then all this should be covered with transparent nail polish, so it was beautiful and at the same time, insects could not "get through" and spoil the food. A special symbol is the mouse, as it contributes to the stores and carefulness of the owners. If the amulet is left blank areas, be sure to fill them with flowers and greens.

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That's all! Your amulet prepared with your own hands is ready! For inspiration and a stock of new ideas, see the proposed photos of horseshoes with your own hands and create new masterpieces!


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