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Today, the wall clock in the interior of the apartment performs a decorative function. They are no longer needed to find out the time. The clock is used to decorate the walls of the room. Antiques are very prominent here.

Watch in the interior

The clock, combined with the rest of the interiors, creates a magnificent atmosphere.

Housings for watches are made, as a rule, from porcelain, wood, stone, metals or plastic.


Such a wide choice will allow selecting an object that will ideally fit into a specific interior.

Watch in the interior

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Watches according to style

Even cheap models of watches are able to emphasize the style of the apartment. The key in this matter is a competent and correct choice. Choosing the right model, you should not forget about the general style of design.


If the room is decorated in a minimalist style, then a strict, unfashionable clock in the interior is perfect. The classic style is perfectly combined with floor models.


If there is a fireplace in the room, then the mantel clock must be mandatory. To the classics perfectly fit, like a normal clock without patterns, and decorated with various stones. Watches for this style are simply necessary. Otherwise, the room will seem unfinished.


And the models that look too modern will have to be abandoned altogether. They absolutely do not fit the classical style. Such watches perfectly complement the avant-garde or high-tech. To the first, incidentally, perfectly fit surrealistic models with strange, asymmetric shapes and dials.

Watch in the interior

Retro style is not the easiest choice. It is unusual and surprising, therefore, accessories must be appropriate. Often used models with marble, silver or bronze cases.


Such materials are not chosen randomly: they look luxurious and, as a rule, have streamlined shapes. Appearance of such watches must involuntarily evoke associations with something rich, aristocratic. New colors in this style will bring models with a pendulum.


If you chose ekostyle, then you can use a wooden clock in the interior of the living room. Corps of willow or bamboo is a wonderful highlight of the natural component of the premises. In addition, here you can use all sorts of unusual and amazing models. For example, a clock in the form of an aquarium, a bird cage or even a bouquet of flowers.


Hours in the design of the apartment

A watch is an accessory that does not hurt in any of the rooms. The main thing is to choose the right model, which will greatly embellish the house. The specialists have long had recommendations in choosing.


Living room

For this room, an excellent solution will be the old clock, having its own history. It is in the living room that she will pay due attention. As in this part of the apartment there are not only her tenants, but also guests.


Often, watches are used as a key element of the living room design.

Watch in the interior


Using accessories, you can not violate the intimate atmosphere of the bedroom. They should not be distracting or annoying. At the same time, and this room does not enter guests and you can make an original, unusual choice of hours. The main thing is not to harm the rest of the interior.

Watch in the interior


This category of watches is surprising by its diversity. Just do not have watch cases for the children's room. You can choose a model that depicts your child's favorite cartoon character.

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In order not to make an erroneous choice among this diversity, take a baby with you. He will choose the model he likes. And you will only have to make sure of the quality and safety of the material.

Watch in the interior


In this part of the apartment, the watch will be an excellent assistant, not just an element of design. Therefore, the choice should be made so that it is easy to detect and check the time.


Entrance hall

It is impossible to say exactly how much the clock in the hallway is needed. But if they do, it will not get any worse. In this room the guest first meets the house. And the interior with a large clock will make an excellent first impression.


Photos of the clock in the interior



Watch in the interior

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Watch in the interior

Watch in the interior


Watch in the interior

Watch in the interior



Watch in the interior


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Watch in the interior



Watch in the interior

Watch in the interior

Watch in the interior



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