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Many people after buying furniture, the question is how to arrange it. After all, it's no secret that even the most expensive and beautiful, can lose its appearance after its wrong location.


To achieve harmony in the room, it is important to consider not only your desires, but all aspects of the room, its area, height and shape.


Before you start, look at the room from different sides and imagine how it will look in the end. Currently, you can use any of the universal ways of setting, which have their pros and cons. Here you can see some options for photo how to arrange furniture.


  • Types of arrangement
  • The principle of symmetry
  • Asymmetry
  • Circular
  • Arrangement in different rooms
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Children's
  • Photos of the correct arrangement of furniture in the interior

Types of arrangement

The principle of symmetry

Observing it, you can arrange the furniture of a pair at an equal distance on both sides of the middle (any large piece of furniture or appliances, decorated elements). Here, as the center, do not mean the middle of the room, but the main element that any part can become.


Even the corner in the room can act as a center for arranging furniture. In the living room it is most often a TV, in the bedroom there is a bed, in the kitchen there is a table for lunch. Elements of decor can also become them, for example, large-sized statues.


From the central object at a certain distance have furniture. Ideal option is a pair of identical armchairs, nightstands, tables and so on. Possible the growth of different objects, but they must be of equal sizes or with common decorated elements.


For symmetry, furniture of the same style is perfect, and made in the same color. But it will be difficult to add other elements here.


This arrangement makes easy the work of the owners of the premises. Because you do not have to think that where to place, you will only need to make a choice of the center and arrange everything from it at the same distance.

Furniture for kitchen

But the principle of symmetry is suitable only for rooms of the correct form, such an arrangement will immediately emphasize any uniform shortcomings.


The principle of symmetry отлично подходит классике и создает элегантность даже на небольшой площади.



The main advantage of this arrangement, is that all the shortcomings of the form of the room are concealed. This arrangement allows you to combine different stylistics of furniture and shades.


Large and bulky furniture and appliances are often placed against the wall, and small and light - closer to the middle. By this principle, they are visually compared, because the large elements stand far away, and the small ones are close.


The only thing left is to choose the viewpoint. Usually this is a recreation area (in the living room it is a sofa, in the bedroom there is a bed, in the kitchen there is a table for lunch), a place for frequent hanging out. It is also necessary to evaluate the premises from different sides. It is necessary to arrange the objects so that from different points of view, everything looked harmonious.

photo-4-curtains-in-the living room


Here the center can be a table or a chandelier.

white curtains14

Items of furniture are located at an equal distance from the central figure, creating a circle. It should be located only in the center. Actually, on the contrary, there are several such circles in the room, none of which are in the middle of the room. Circles can differ in style and decor elements. But this requires a fairly spacious room.


Arrangement in a circle can be both in large areas and in small areas, but it absorbs space, because sometimes you need to observe a considerable distance from the center to the furniture.


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Therefore, if the area is insufficient, then it is better to observe minimalism. Let it be neither so much, but it is comfortable and properly located. It is important not to forget to leave enough space for easy movement.


Arrangement in different rooms

Living room

In the living room, all family members spend enough time and meet guests. How to arrange furniture, so that everyone would feel comfortable? It is better to use the principle of symmetry. It provides as a center, something big, around create a soft territory. Variants of symmetrical arrangement:

1110In large spaces, choose a fireplace, and around the circle put soft objects. They are deployed both to the fireplace and from it. In a limited area, furniture is placed on a TV set or a coffee table is set up. On the sides of the TV set vases, flowers and much more. The ottomans are suitable for informal settings. This atmosphere is suitable for both children and adults.


In small living rooms, the furniture is put along the wall, leaving a passage. It is important not to create bust, it is better to be less.


Currently, designers are against the "past" location along the walls, but this option is most suitable for limited spaces, as scenery you can use a terry rug.


Now it is quite actual zoning of the living room to the zones.

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living room_recommons in red


When arranging furniture in a one-room apartment and in a small area it is better to use the principle of a circle. The center is a table for lunch, and there are chairs in a circle. Currently, there are small kitchens in the city apartments, so it is better to place the furniture near the walls.



How to arrange the furniture in the nursery? For children, it is better to leave more space and use a minimum of furniture. To do this, leave the bed, table, wardrobe. And for safety, use furniture with bevelled corners.

children's room-in-white-color-options-and-ideas4

How to arrange furniture in the room? Excites all owners of apartments. To get a good idea of ​​this, it's better to depict an example scheme on paper or a 3D program, after that it will become easier and more visual. We wish you good luck.


Photos of the correct arrangement of furniture in the interior




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