How to choose a hanger

To create a cosiness in a living space can help different trifles. One of these is a hanger in the hallway. With its help, you can carefully store outer clothing, bags and umbrellas. Thanks to her, cleanliness and order are maintained in the apartment.


A hanger in the interior plays an important role. There are a sufficient number of models capable of emphasizing a refined atmosphere, such as:

  • floor construction;
  • wall;
  • portable;
  • built-in;
  • ceiling.

056 floor_ hanger

Each design helps to competently save living space. It has the right number of hooks and hangers.

043 floor_ hanger

Basics of the right choice

In order to properly choose a hanger, you must follow simple rules. If there is not enough free space, it is recommended to choose compact and portable models. They are located on the wall or in the corner, without taking up much space.


The optimal solution is considered angular. You can choose a floor structure that perfectly fits into any design. Thanks to it, there is enough free space.


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The most popular among consumers are built-in models. Basically, they are located inside the cabinets - the compartment. In this case, the built-in closet serves as a small dressing room, which is hidden from the human eyes. In this case, many will not even guess that there is a hanger.


In private houses with a sufficient amount of free space, the hanger can be in the form of a complex design composition made from various materials at hand.


Modern hanger can combine elements of mirror design and small furniture. To do this, use pedestals or benches, which you can rely on.

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For the manufacture of hangers used mainly wood and metal alloys, as well as plastic. The use of such materials ensures the strength and reliability of the structure for a long period of time. Undoubtedly, the structures made of such components are distinguished by their unusual and rather aesthetic appearance.

011 floor_ hanger

The wooden model of the hanger is able to fit into any interior. Modern technologies help to create a real masterpiece from natural material. The tree perfectly suits all design ideas. It can be used both in natural and primordial form, and in the form of an artificially aged element.


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The model can be made in the form of a lightweight design designed for wall-mounting or as a massive object in order to emphasize a creative solution.


Metal hanger in the interior is mostly used in the style of minimalism or hi-tech. In its design, there are clear lines without unnecessary details. Such elements are distinguished by their strength and aesthetic principle.


Thanks to metal alloys, it can have a small weight, which does not affect its reliability in any way. With the help of a photo hanger in the interior you can see a simple solution to this problem.


Plastic models are easy to use. In addition to the main component, wooden and metal parts are used for its decoration. Modern technologies allow combining these components among themselves. Ready-made hangers are obtained by rather unusual items for decoration.


If the submitted models do not suit you in size, then an individual order will be the way out of this situation. Modern designers are able to make an unusual thing in a single copy. All you need is to provide ready-made sketches of the desired result, which can be found on the Internet. A beautiful clothes hanger will be made strictly according to your parameters.

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Photos of perfectly decorated hangers in the interior

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