How to paint the walls in the apartment - a simple

Everyone wants to comfortably equip their apartment. Buy and put new furniture, decorate it with soft toys, bring vases, rearrange technique is considered a matter of simple. But how to paint the walls in the apartment?


Many believe that without preliminary preparation and basic skills can not do. Otherwise, you will need to start again or endure the work done until the next time.

Before starting work

To avoid divorces and zashpatlevyh holes, it is important to act consistently. If this is a new wall, before it is not painted, first you need to remove dust, dirt, cobwebs and stuff. Next, it is necessary to eliminate unevenness, for which use shpatlevanie. Completing the wall again wipe off the dirt. It is important to understand that neglecting the cleaning phase, the owner risks getting a wall where the paint will flake off with the dust.


In case the walls are already painted and wallpapered, they must be prepared in a different way. First, remove the old paint layer. To do this, it is convenient to use a spatula or iron brushes. The wallpaper is broken with glue, in case of strong fixing, the painting is done directly on top of them (but with the applied primer layer).


Often faced with mold, fungi and stains on the walls. For their elimination use acid-alkaline solutions or apply mechanical methods. Formed cracks are filled with alabaster.

painting-non-woven wallpaper

Having convinced that the wall is whole and homogeneous, they begin the stage of the primer. Apply a double layer, between which the plane is treated with a sandpaper. It is necessary to understand that you can paint the plane only after it has dried.

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The process of staining

After the surface is prepared and organized the workplace, proceed directly to the painting process. However, it is not always possible to apply the paint properly. For proper staining, one should use these recommendations:

  • The layer is applied evenly by brush movements. It is important to periodically shade the paint to avoid drops at the bottom of the walls.
  • Before you complete the work, move from the bottom to the top.
  • When working with materials that contain linseed oil, use a hair brush.


A large area of ​​dyeing walls is divided into sections. Choose a paper tape to accurately determine the areas of color. If unevenness is detected during the course, do not paint with a thick layer. It will start to drain to the floor.


Choice of colorant

Paint is chosen taking into account the purpose of this room. If it is a kitchen, a bathroom, then the humidity there is higher than in the bedroom, so the substance is different.

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There is a comprehensive way for any type of premises - water emulsion. It has no toxicity, is harmless, has a high degree of fire safety.


Substances based on water and dispersion are also widely available on the market and can compete with emulsions. The difference is in the following: ether polymers, polyvinyl acetates and other constituents of the aqueous mixture are insoluble in water. Thus, upon completion of work, the water droplets evaporate, and the components are firmly anchored on the surface.

How to paint the walls in the apartments

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In turn, paints based on aqueous emulsion can be used both in rooms with a dry climate and with a wet one. Works great with bricks, concrete, wood. But do not paint metal surfaces. it is possible to provoke rust.


To purchase the wall of the desired tones and shades often use color - a dye, which is added to the paint. Do it slowly, consecutively, conscientiously stirring. Thus, you can achieve the desired color of the walls in the apartment.


The paint should be applied in several layers. The first layer can be diluted with water, the rest is not advised.


Using rollers

For coloring the walls of large areas it is recommended to use rollers. The "coat" of the tool absorbs the paint and allows evenly to apply a layer around the perimeter. There are several types of rollers: on a fabric basis and velor. Tissues are more suitable for aggressive types of paints, while velours are more suitable for paints on an oily basis.


For convenience, it is necessary to calculate the size of the platen and the rectangular vessel in which the paint will be located. In the photo the painted walls in the apartment with the help of a tissue roller.


How to apply the paint correctly?

The application of a coloring material implies a sequence in which three bands are applied over an area of ​​approximately one square meter. After that they are evenly applied to the unpainted parts of the wall by a pressed roller.

1_paint_en_in_in apartment

If you want to make the transition of one color to another, then first make the boundaries of future bands. Painting tape mark the boundaries of color transitions, but it should be done only after drying.

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To paint the walls in the kitchen or bathroom, you need to follow this sequence: - Identify a primer coat that is resistant to water;

  • produce shpatlevanie;
  • apply a layer of groundwater paint, which is resistant to water.


Glossy or matte paints can also be used. They will perfectly brighten up many irregularities.


Everyone has the right to choose the desired kind of paints. It is best to ask advice from experts of household shops who will prompt you in what color to paint the walls in the apartment taking into account the features.


Photo of beautiful ideas painting the walls in the apartment

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