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The decoration of walls, ceilings and floors is very important for comfort and attractiveness, but without some tricks designers can not do. Decorative interior blinds can bring the necessary cosiness or charm, splendor or uniqueness, isolate the premises, while making them accessible.

interior curtains

Therefore, such an element becomes more and more popular in modern interiors.

In which cases are they irreplaceable:

  • For passage rooms with two or more doors;
  • Connected rooms;
  • Instead of a kitchen door in small apartments.

Curtains for a doorway

However, there are some limitations. It is important to choose the right material. On the one hand, insulation is needed, on the other hand, there is a free passage. Currently, more than enough options.

interior curtains

Types of interior curtains

The range of choice pleases. For lovers of Japanese minimalism: wooden options; fabric with Chinese motifs are indispensable in interiors in the style of rococo, fabric monophonic and with a pattern provide insulation and complement the decoration.

interior curtains


Traditional decoration is not out of fashion. A wide variety of colors and textures makes it possible to choose a model in accordance with the furnishing of furniture, the general concept of decoration, or make a significant accent in the interior.


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There are a lot of ready-made versions in the shops, curtain design studios offer individual production. For needlewomen, it's easy to sew the curtains on your own.


Curtains are a special kind of decoration: from chintz and velvet, silk and curtains-rollets, with lambrequins and picks. Do not unequivocally abandon these options, but to turn the interior into a kind of grandmother's apartments in the middle of the last century is definitely not worth it. Drawing, prints, colors should be modern and in harmony with the interior. Otherwise, housing will turn into kitsch.


Of beads

A bit exotic. If you are tired of traditional curtains, you can choose interior curtains made of beads. They add romantic notes to the interior, are themselves an ornament, because they scatter colorful glare across the rooms. An additional advantage: do not retain air, unlike tissue.

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Beads are various: wooden, plastic, bugles, which makes it possible to choose the texture, color and size.


Advantage is care. They do not need to be washed, much less ironed. The only drawback can be considered their transparency, so these curtains are more decorative and quite conditionally divide the room.


Curtains made of bamboo and wood

A good option is used in Japan: sliding panels that emphasize minimalism style, at the same time they are durable and functional. But more and more popular are curtains made of bamboo. The natural material is now in a trend. This is not just a tribute to fashion.

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interior curtains

From the bamboo make the curtains completely or fragmentarily. This decoration is safe for health, adds coziness, promotes a good rest and relaxation.

interior curtains

What to choose a door or curtain?

Interior curtains are an interesting alternative to the doors. An additional advantage is the economy of the place occupied by open doors, it can be used at your discretion. On the photo, interior curtains of different colors, textures, materials.


Curtains or curtains are chosen based on the size and shape of the doorway, the purpose of the room. Selected in the tone of the decoration of the walls can visually enlarge the room. Drawings in the classical style emphasize the status and add greatness.


For arched, asymmetric apertures, the approach should be special. It is desirable to emphasize these forms, because the individuality of the room can be lost.


It should be taken into account that some rooms require special isolation, such as cabinets and bedrooms, bathrooms, in other cases conditionally separated space curtains more preferably.

interior curtains


Decorating various openings can be a fascinating affair or a "headache". Much depends on the knowledge of the principles of decoration, a sense of taste and the ability to balance the various details of the interior.


For example, the style of minimalism is difficult to combine with svugami lambrekenov, and massive furniture with bamboo elements. You can explore the principles of combining objects by looking at photos of similar design, picking up the most acceptable and implementing, if not yourself, then with the help of professionals.


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Curtains for a doorway






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bamboo curtains

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