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In the process of planning the repair, as well as selecting stylistic interior details, many of us do not even think about choosing small details, stopping special attention on large forms.


Yes, to some extent this is correct. But, at the same time, you can not completely forget about interior details, because they give many subjects a certain style, making them lively, holistic and very cozy.

So, for example, we offer for inspiration to view the proposed photos of beautiful details in the interior!


As a rule, as very unusual and interesting accessories, very small objects are used, which serve as decorations. At the same time, they are not devoid of practicality.


Among the modern details of the interior can be distinguished correctly placed and selected vases, paintings, sculptures, watches, posters, lamps and much more. It is not necessary that there are many such details, they should not be super expensive. The main thing is that everything should be moderately and tastefully.


Choosing interior accessories, you should consider the main points, which include:

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  • Interior style
  • Color spectrum
  • Spatial geometry
  • How individual are the selected variants of the subjects and how they can be applied in practice


And so, we suggest considering each of these aspects in more detail.


Style Selection

The interior details of the decor are determined by style, in fact the reverse is also true. For example, a lamp from Morocco, made of copper, will look great in the eastern interior style.


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At the same time, it is not at all suitable for a classical living room. Choosing this or that style, look through magazines, Internet pages, for the general understanding concerning compatibility of the chosen elements with style.

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Even if you hired a professional designer, it does not hurt you to get acquainted with the rules of style, at least within the framework of your choice. After all, you will live in a decorated house. And any chic and thoughtful interior can be crossed out with some souvenir brought from other countries, or presented by relatives / friends.

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Here is a great idea - creating a stylistic collage. This method, by the way, is used not only by beginners in the field of decor, but also by professional designers! After having studied the information, make cuttings, making a collage.

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So you probably will understand what style and what comes here from decorative interior details. It will also be clear about the color scheme, which colors are recommended to use, and which ones are not worth it at all.

__ Details _2017

Color selection

With the help of accessories, each owner has a great opportunity to arrange accents and update the existing premises. For example, large areas and or some bright details in the interior of not everyone can like.

__ Details _2017

And in general, very often they are imposed and weary eyes. Nevertheless, by diversifying with several bright details the boring design, the situation will become much more fun. It is important to consider the ratio of the chosen style with the range of colors.


Do not forget about the design of living decor. For this, aquariums, plants, flowers are used. The main thing in this business is not to overdo it too much.

__ Details _2017

Individuality of space

Do not exactly make a copy of the picture that you saw somewhere in your home. Of course, such a design can be quite stylish. However, it will be incredibly like a hotel room. In addition, it will be difficult to maintain order in the room, where there are not only your subjects.


As already mentioned, having a fantasy, you can decorate the interior in a variety of ways. That's why you can safely exhibit your favorite collections, picking up a beautiful frame, and hanging family photos on the walls, and the home library can become the center of the interior.


In this case, the most important thing is to do everything neatly, in accordance with style and color design. It is also important to stick to the measure.

And remember, accessories for interior design do not have to be incredibly expensive to stand and dust. Many variants of objects can be used in accordance with their direct purpose. For example, it concerns utensils, decorative candles, vases, sofa cushions, recording boards and other things.

__ Details _2017

Photo of the idea of ​​decorating details in a modern interior

livingroom, nobody around

__ Details _2017

__ Details _2017

__ Details _2017




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