Interior of a small apartment - photo of unusual apartment

Lately a lot of residential houses are being built and everyone can become or already become a happy owner of a brand new apartment. But not everyone is lucky with buying an apartment of a large area and you have to settle for a small quadrature.

Interior of a small apartment

Here before each there is a problem of repair, after all it would be desirable to make the corner not only visually attractive, but also as much as possible effective.

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  • Photo of interior design of a small apartment

Walls, floor and ceiling

It is impossible to increase the functional area of ​​housing, because it is impossible to attach a new room or combine kitchens with neighbors.

But the visibility of the increased space can be created and needed. This solution is achieved in several ways.

Interior of a small apartment

The first way is proper planning. The height of the ceiling must be directly proportional to the area of ​​the apartment. Even if the area of ​​the room is large, and the ceiling is low, then in such a room it will seem that the room is smaller than it really is.

Interior of a small apartment

The second important point is the presence of a composition center. To do this, you can leave one of the walls or most of it empty, or you can put some voluminous object. These moments will focus on yourself and distract from the size of the room.

Interior of a small apartment

Another point of the ideal interior can be called symmetry. In a small space, symmetrically arranged things will balance the space, but here the main thing is not to overdo it (it will look boring and tedious).

Interior of a small apartment

As for the color palette, then it is worth painting the walls and ceilings with one color or a very close range. Floors also paint in one color tone. These techniques will smooth the boundaries and increase the volume.

Interior of a small apartment

To increase the height of the ceiling you need to make the edges that stand out from the other elements. Also, the edges will attract attention and become a means of visual deception.

Interior of a small apartment

In "Khrushchev" you can paint the walls saturated with matte paint, and for the center of the ceiling to use glossy paint of light tones, which will achieve contrast and enhance the impression.

Interior of a small apartment

Rounding of corners is also an optimal option. This will "stretch" the volume of the room.



In small rooms it is very good to use high mirrors. They will allow you to visually increase the size of the room due to reflection and illumination. The best place for their placement will be walls with door and window openings.


To free up as much space as possible, it is worthwhile to approach the storage of things correctly, because they occupy a very large space. One of the most important rules is the storage of things above eye level. It is this that allows you not to pay attention to them.

design-small-studio apartment-25-sq-m12

But such storage is suitable for things that are rarely used. The ideal solution for storage is a cabinet made in one level with a wall and in the same color solution.


This will hide the things themselves and make the cabinet less visible for the look. Large wardrobes should not attract attention, so the tone should be selected, as well as the walls.


Otherwise, it will be the center of attention and the visual size of the room will become smaller. The shape and number of objects should be minimal and easily movable. It is better to use only those items that are used very often.


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Now in the market you can find a lot of organizers that will help save space. With the help of organizers you can save space not only in the room, but also in the cabinets. This will not resort to chests and pencil boxes, which simply clutter up space.

cunning design-little-flat-3

It should be used as much as possible transparent objects for decoration of housing. They allow the view not to get hung up and penetrate through them. This is the most optimal solution to the problem of visual increase in space.

style-loft-in-interior-small-studio apartments10

It can be not only decorative objects. For example, you can put a glass table - functionally and practically.



If the architectural layout allows, then you can make an apartment-studio. This increases the functional space.


Also, the studio apartment allows you not to put a dining table in the kitchen, it can be a transforming table, which turns from a magazine into a lunch and vice versa. If there is an opportunity to make such a redevelopment, then this is the best option.

studio apartment-01

Also, the studio option will allow you to get rid of doors that reduce space not only visually, but also in fact.

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design studio apartments-2


Light is one of the key aspects. The more white light, the better. Therefore it is worth using energy-saving lamps, they give a white color.


Photo of interior design of a small apartment


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