Italian style in the interior - photo ideas of modern and

Italian style in the interior - the embodiment of elegant space. In this style, the warmth and incredible home cosiness, as well as the mystery of the entire peninsula are collected. Therefore, this style is the most successful combination of simplicity, as well as luxury in a single space.

Italian style in the interior

The basis of the interior is exclusively natural and natural materials, such as natural wood, for example, oak and pine. The tree is either varnished or uncoated at all.

Color palette - the most natural and light, most often the tone of ivory.

To emphasize the hot and passionate temperament of Italians in style, use orange, lavender, red and green colors.

Italian style in the interior

  • a guest room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Photo of interior design in Italian style

a guest room

Living room in this style is inherent in the most fashionable things and pieces of antique furniture. So, among all the furniture can often be seen classics from natural wood with forged elements.

Italian style in the interior

Most often this is a strict sofa with upholstery made of genuine leather. To somehow decorate the sofa and make it less strict, use as decor bright cushions.

Italian style in the interior

A place for rest is often complemented by a small cute coffee table and a couple of armchairs. In the interior of the living room it will be appropriate to look at the wine bar, chest of drawers.

Italian style in the interior

The walls in the living room are "dressed" in olive green, terracotta.

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In addition to natural lighting, it is necessary to think in the living room and additional lighting, which illuminates the decor.

Italian style in the interior

Marble and ceramic figurines are more refined style, and bronze candlesticks and completely transform the room.



The Italian interior design of a large and spacious kitchen visibly outperforms other styles with its particular atmosphere. The palette of colors is sunny, contrast of textures is used, and all materials are exclusively natural - a colorful style.


When decorating the surface of walls it is necessary to choose natural wood or stone, expensive plaster. With the decor of the walls in the kitchen can not be combined wooden beams, stone flooring, wooden floor.


Furniture in the kitchen is chosen very neatly. The worktop should be marble, the cabinets decorated with carvings, the accessories are very beautiful. The table also needs to be bought in this style, that all the furniture.

Italian style in the interior

If there is a desire to install a fireplace in the apartment, then it is best to do it in the kitchen. The fireplace is finished with brickwork.

Italian style in the interior

Light plays an important role. The most high-quality kitchen fixtures that imitate street lights.



The Italian interior is a chic and a tribute to fashion, but often the owners of the bedrooms find the same golden mean, and from it dance in the interior. Bedroom can be made in beige and brown tones, green, yellow.


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The modern Italian interior in the bathroom means mixing with the Mediterranean interior. If the photo of the masters of Italy is considered in detail, it is clearly seen that the comfort has an important influence on the formation of the special spirit of Italy.


In the bathroom, the natural color scheme is preferred, because with it the maximum naturalness of the entire interior is transferred, the beauty of all used finishes, which is done with tiles and stones.


In this style is observed in the decoration of the walls ornamentation with plant themes. Bathroom is put against the wall. The rest of the plumbing must be chosen in tone to the entire interior created.


The floors are better to be marble. The ceiling can be stretched or with stucco elements. The walls are decorated with wallpaper, wood.


If you enjoy numerous photos of Italian interior in catalogs and the Internet, you can see that luxury interior can be given at the expense of expensive furniture.

Italian style in the interior

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The interior is often decorated with mirrors in a gilded frame, a wooden frame, picturesque paintings, sculptures.

Italian style in the interior

Photo of interior design in Italian style



Italian style in the interior

interior of the apartment, interior design.



Italian style in the interior

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Italian style in the interior

Italian style in the interior



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Italian style in the interior



Italian style in the interior







Italian style in the interior



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