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Did you know that it takes a lot of time and effort to successfully develop a beautiful interior? In particular, the entire degree of complexity depends on the parameters of the apartment or a private house.

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Naturally, with a large home area there is always where to turn around. But here with small-sized rooms things are much more complicated. Nevertheless, with the right and rational approach it is possible to achieve practicality and convenience.

In this article, we'll talk about the kitchen, namely the kitchen corners.

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Why is the kitchen corner still popular? What is his perspective? How to make the right choice when buying this furniture? It is worth paying special attention to each of these aspects.


  • The kitchen corner is always in fashion
  • What are the different types of kitchen corners?
  • Half kitchen, half bedroom
  • We save space in the kitchen
  • Right choice
  • Quality of materials
  • Photo of kitchen corner design

The kitchen corner is always in fashion

Kitchen corner for the kitchen is always economical, practical and very convenient option of furniture. But, of course, everywhere there are pluses and minuses. And the soft kitchenette is no exception.

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Perhaps, at first it is worth paying attention to the pros:

Any furniture takes a certain place. To avoid crowding, you can arrange a beautiful corner in the kitchen. And the place will save money;


When choosing a kitchen table, it is important to correctly choose chairs and a sofa for it, so that everything corresponds to each other. Guided by a comprehensive solution, you avoid any hassle in terms of choice;


Under the table or chairs you can hardly hide anything. But here the soft corner guarantees such places for storage. For example, this includes capacious boxes.

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The kitchen is a family place. Here the whole family should feel cozy and warm.


As you can see, the positive feature of the kitchen corner is very promising. But there is another side to the coin:


If festive events or other feasts are used to celebrating in your kitchen at your house, remember that places are limited. No more than six people will be able to fit, but it will be hard to expect more.


Also, very much depends on the layout of the kitchen. If the room is narrow or long, the kitchenette for the kitchen is clearly not suitable.


What are the different types of kitchen corners?

In general, the choice depends entirely on the requirements of the owners themselves. For example, for someone more important than the functionality of furniture. And others pursue the goal to achieve practicality of appearance.


In accordance with such different priorities, the kitchen corners are divided into several types. The classic furniture option includes a sofa, a table and chairs. Nevertheless, we can mention other options.

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Half kitchen, half bedroom

The kitchen corner with a sleeping place offers a unique alternative to those who constantly stay guests or relatives for the night.


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This non-standard solution greatly simplifies the life of the owners. Now they do not have to worry about where to sleep their guests or relatives. Of course, such pleasure can be expensive, but worthwhile.

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We save space in the kitchen

Not everyone in their apartment can enjoy a spacious kitchen. Therefore, for such cases it will be most reasonable to buy a little voluminous furniture. A small kitchen corner will be very handy.


In addition, that it is designed for three or four people, it is possible to hide some kitchen things. At small corners there is such functional, as a sliding table.


In general, you can save space in the kitchen, and sit comfortably.

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Right choice

Naturally, each person has his own preferences and tastes. Therefore, in order not to lose with the choice, you need to pay attention to all the small details. Much depends on the size of the furniture and its placement.


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Let's say you are the owner or hostess of a large apartment, where there is a spacious kitchen. It will be somehow stupid to acquire in this case a small corner, because you already have, where they will unfold.


And if you have a very small apartment, where the kitchen is inferior to the previous version, it will be unreasonable to buy a large kitchenette.


In addition to the size, it is worth considering the time of placement. For example, place the kitchen corner better so that it does not interfere with the way to the refrigerator, to the stove and sink.


An important aspect - the entrance / exit of the kitchen should not be cluttered.


Quality of materials

Very wide choice with a fabric cover. Thus the price not so bites. But there are also more expensive options, namely leather soft kitchen corners. The most practical is synthetics.


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The bottom line is that it does not so absorb moisture, and it is always easier to clean it from any dirt.


Do not forget that the kitchen can not avoid getting fat or soot. In this case, choose furniture from the material that will be practical and easy to clean.

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Photo of kitchen corner design


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