Large balcony - 100 photo design ideas for a large balcony

Most people use the balcony as a storehouse for things that supposedly later in the future will come in handy. For this purpose other places, such as a cellar or a pantry, are possible. In this you can help furniture with drawers.


A balcony space is better to allocate for rest, making it as convenient as possible. There are a lot of variations for this.

What can I do with an ordinary balcony?

The right decision will make the design of the loggia one with the interior design of the house. Most professionals make it a continuation of the room.


The very first thing you need to do on the balcony is the fence. The fence has several design variations. You need to choose based on climate and geography, as well as from your own desires.


Deaf Enclosure

This variation should be chosen if you want to shield yourself from other people's eyes, using windows to inspect the street. This, among other things, perfectly saves from bad weather and noise from the street. It is possible to pick up the facing with a view under the stone. Masonry made of bricks looks just as good. But in that case, it's important not to forget, the balconies will not withstand the huge loads. The people who are getting to know recommend choosing a light material that imitates a stone. In the upper part, according to tradition, there are windows.

blind fence

Half-fenced enclosure

In this case, the lower part is closed from passers-by, and there is no fence at the top.

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Glass fencing

This will go to people who are not afraid of extraneous eyes or they do not exist. In this case there is a need for protection from rain and snow. The glass can be made as soon as the lower fence, and it is possible and in the entire size of the balcony. The glazing of the large balcony is extremely important.



In this case, the fence is purely symbolic, so that no one falls. Use a grate or forged fence.

Deaf Enclosure

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After the fence you need to do the rest. Of course, everything should be done in one style with a fence. Immortal stone is suitable for any type of fence. In this case, it is very important to properly understand the color solution. Naturally, the decor, panels, and laminate, and parquet boards, are also suitable. You can simply plaster or repaint. It's better to do everything under the balcony design and its idea. The fact is that when you decided to make a balcony under the greenhouse, it makes no sense to equip it. And also the cheap finish is not suitable for a greenhouse. Listen to your heart at the finish or just pay experienced people.


It is necessary to think carefully before finishing the floor of a balcony or a loggia, because it will necessarily be exposed to rain, snow and cold temperatures. For the floor it is possible to select materials for the terrain that are used for terraces. These include: boards, plates of ceramics, mosaic, false-lawn. The use of it generally out of the ordinary, looks chic.


Furniture for balcony

Naturally, the furniture options will be chosen depending on the type of balcony. It is open or closed. If the balcony is closed, then the choice of furniture you have limited only to the size, and if the balcony is open, then you need to try with a choice. Choose those that could resist the weather conditions from the sun to frost and rain. What exactly furniture to choose depends on how you imagine your comfort. For someone, the most important is a sofa or a deckchair, while others are better chairs or armchairs.

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It is best to choose multi-functional furniture, for example, a chair with a drawer or a folding top at the bench. In this case, the balcony will be more spacious and functional.


Of course, there are generally empty balconies without any furniture or flowers. Apply it all in different ways, but often this is the usual extension of the apartment, through which you can safely observe the street while in the room. This is one of the design options for a large balcony.


Decoration of a balcony or loggia

On the balcony, a characteristic feature are decor and accessories. Such seemingly small details adorn any interior, making it noticeably better. Anything can come up here, depending on you. Metal, plastic, ceramics are the best materials for accessories, the main thing is that they fit under the general course of the interior. A bird feeder will be suitable.


Often people choose fountains as decorations. With heat, water will help calm down and refresh. Look at the photo of the apartment with a large balcony, as accessories perfectly fit into the design.


The most important thing in the arrangement is the attitude towards the balcony, as a reasonable continuation of the apartment. Think about the light, in the evening it will come in handy, and the light for plants and a table will emphasize the design of the loggia.


Photo of a beautiful design for a large balcony

Deaf Enclosure





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