Loft in the interior - 70 photos of beautiful design

The most important design trend for today is the interior of the apartment in loft style. It's unusual, even provocative. At the same time it can be both expensive repair, and very democratic.


For people tired of the classics and the splendor of the Baroque, and for the young masters who escaped from the situation of the parental home.

Is it possible to write this western trend of fashion in the Russian realities? Completely! Style loft in the interior of a small apartment is possible, if you know its specifics.

Loft in the interior

  • What are the differences?
  • Walls and ceiling
  • Floor coverings
  • Shine
  • Furniture
  • Window
  • Loft style apartment
  • Entrance hall
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Photo of beautiful loft style design

What are the differences?

Loft (English: "loft") is characterized by carelessness, rude details, ostentatious simplicity. Initially originated in large metropolitan areas, full of young and free creative personalities who rebuilt for permanent residence cellars, attics and even shops of abandoned enterprises.


Artists and budding architects, to some extent limited in means, used the coloring of buildings for their own good: not being able to make a full-fledged repair, they made his absence a feature.


Gradually, such a poor species has become widespread and now a modern loft in the interior is created carefully and thoughtfully.

Loft in the interior

Character traits:

  • Absence of any finishing of walls and ceilings.
  • Wooden or stone floor. In general, natural building materials are assumed.
  • Large windows and high ceilings (if possible).
  • Ordinary, incompatible with each other, furniture.
  • A combination of retro and modern technology.

Loft in the interior

Walls and ceiling

As already mentioned, brick masonry is welcomed, which you can leave in its original form, or you can deliberately inaccurately paint it. Leave in such all surfaces in living rooms is not recommended: too uncomfortable and cool.


As a rule, only one wall or a pair of corners are intact.

Loft in the interior

Floor coverings

Stone, wood, ceramics. For the living room and bedroom - parquet or laminate. It is possible to use a matt floor - this is even closer to the originals, because in the shops floor was concrete.

Loft in the interior

But for coziness and comfort it is desirable to make it warm. In the bathroom and the hallway, the use of porcelain stoneware is also appropriate.

loft accommodation

By the way, many Soviet apartments still have old floors made of boards covered with oil paint.

Loft in the interior


The abundance of point light and lighting of each zone separately. Welcome antique floor lamps, hanging lights with laconic plafonds. Designer fixtures are often forged welded from pipes. Edison lamps are very popular.

Loft in the interior

Extremes go further and leave just hanging lights.

Loft in the interior


Underlined simple, inexpensive at first glance. Everything must be useful in everyday life. Possible metal, stone, wood (preferably an array).

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The combination of objects among themselves is not necessary and even undesirable. You need to create the impression that she was simply "dragged" from flea markets, or even collected from what was at hand. A huge leather sofa here will look with a coffee table of pallets. In the colors you yourself should not be denied.

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Wooden, in extreme cases with a dark double-glazed window. In the original lofts on the window openings there is nothing, but for our compatriots it will be difficult to get used to this. Therefore, horizontal blinds and roller blinds are allowed. No multi-layered curtains with collars!

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Loft style apartment

Loft in the interior implies full immersion in the atmosphere of a "semi-abandoned" room. Therefore, the design of one room is meaningless - it will look unfinished and ridiculous.


Entrance hall

The walls can be left untreated completely. Also it is possible to cover with plaster, more suitable for exterior finishing of tasks.

large-entrance hall-in-yellow-tones-in-style-loft

Floors can be any, but for practical purposes it is better to give preference to a single-colored tile.


Furniture простая, функциональная, без излишеств. Чем старше она будет выглядеть, тем лучше. Старые вешалки, небольшие шкафы и комод, отдельно стоящее зеркало в полный рост — всё это подчеркнёт необычность дома уже с порога.

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Living room

Here works the rule of point "untreated" walls: tenants spend a lot of time here, and between concrete slabs they will be very uncomfortable.

Loft in the interior

No wallpaper! Near the sofa, you can put a Persian carpet or carpet, which will contrast with the floor.

Loft in the interior


The place where you can afford to soften the situation. Here, curtains, tulles, and soft mats near the bed are also allowed.

Loft in the interior

The bed itself should be simple, comfortable. Excellent fit chest and a small wardrobe, bedside tables with retro lights. By the way, "grandmother's" chests are perfect for storing things.

Loft in the interior


Ideally, it connects to the living room. Originally lofts were apartments - studios. The division is conditional: with the help of a dining table, a bar rack, an open rack.


The abundance of open shelves and small details in the kitchen. Even the shelves with glass will be knocked out of the general view.

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design apartment-in-style-loft-in-bulgaria-5

The kitchen set itself is wooden, preferably with a stone countertop. Plastic is unacceptable - the achievements of industry here will be personified by modern household appliances.



Variety of materials: ceramic tiles, artificial and natural stone, mosaic, plaster. The main thing is that the finish corresponds to the hygienic requirements of the premises.

industrial-rustic-bathroom round-white-hanging-lamp_dark-grey-wooden-floor_white-classic-ceramic-wall_square-white-contemporary-sink gold-classic-bathtub white-ceiling

Retro - sanitary ware: toilet bowls with descent handle, baths on legs, wash basins with bronze mixers.

Loft in the interior

The style of the loft in the interior is multifaceted. It can be super expensive, and maybe super-cheap. Can be bright and cheerful, and maybe gloomy. For a bachelor and for a girl. The choice is yours.


Variability can be appreciated in numerous photo interiors in loft style, in each of which you can draw something of your own.

9 elements-décor-in-bathroom-in-style-loft

Photo of beautiful loft style design








Loft in the interior

Loft in the interior

Loft in the interior

Loft in the interior

Loft in the interior

Loft in the interior








Loft in the interior

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Loft in the interior

Loft in the interior

Loft in the interior


Loft in the interior

Loft in the interior


Loft in the interior

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