Mechanisms of transformation of sofas - an overview of types

Any interior space can not do without such a thing as a sofa. It is he who creates coziness and comfort and is the final touch in the furnishing of the room.

Mechanisms of transforming sofas

In order not to get lost in a huge variety of sofas, first you need to determine the mechanism of transformation, which will be most comfortable for you.

  • The dolphin mechanism
  • Accordion mechanism
  • The mechanism of "click-clack"
  • The mechanism of "eurobook"
  • Pantograph mechanism
  • Drawout sofa
  • French clamshell
  • Photos examples of how the mechanism of transforming sofas works

The dolphin mechanism

The most common and easy to use mechanism. A sofa equipped with this mechanism is suitable for accommodation in a guest room, thus creating additional sleeping places for guests.

Mechanisms of transforming sofas

"Dolphin" is often built into the mechanisms of transformation for corner sofas. To bring the mechanism into action, pull the strap, which will push out the hidden part of the sofa, and the special mechanism will compare the two halves of the sofa.

Mechanisms of transforming sofas

Sofas "dolphin" will be a successful purchase, because they are not expensive, are able to withstand considerable weight, are easy to use, which is important for daily use, and a large bed with a spacious linen drawer makes this sofa very functional.

Mechanisms of transforming sofas

When buying, you need to pay attention to the quality of wood, because if it is of poor quality, then the mechanism will quickly come to malfunction.

Mechanisms of transforming sofas

Accordion mechanism

These sofas are used when it is important to save space in the room. The mechanism consists of metal structures with lamellas, which provide an orthopedic effect. Such sofas are suitable for both living room and bedroom. Transformation of the sofa is simple: pull up the raised front bench strap until it stops.

Mechanisms of transforming sofas

The advantage of such mechanisms can be called the insignificant use of the space in the assembled form, even the child, a spacious and level place for sleeping and a roomy box for laundry will cope with the disassembly mechanism. A negative point is to call only the need for sufficient space to lay out the sofa.

Mechanisms of transforming sofas

The mechanism of "click-clack"

Modern interpretation of the mechanism of transformation of the sofa of the book, only the back of the sofa is equipped with the function "relax". Imported manufacturers of sofa furniture equip it with moving attachments, which does not require the permanent removal of the sofa from the wall.

Mechanisms of transforming sofas

Transformation is possible in three positions: a bed, a "relax" and a sofa. The position of the bed is triggered when the sofa seat is raised to the second click. For the "relaxation" seat lift up to the first click. If the seat is raised until the second click, the position of the sofa is activated.

Mechanisms of transforming sofas

Accessibility on a budget, ease of use, a comfortable place for sleeping and sitting, a capacious linen box - these are the advantages of sofas with the "click-clack" mechanism. Perhaps the only drawback can be called only the lack of mobile mechanisms in the couches of books of domestic production, and therefore it will constantly have to be moved away from the wall.

Mechanisms of transforming sofas

The mechanism of "eurobook"

A very popular mechanism for transforming sofas for large families with children. Furniture is reliable and yet simple in design. Transforming the sofa is very simple: pull out the seat until it stops and lower the backrest horizontally.


The most important advantage, along with the simplicity and regularity of use, the durability of such a sofa. In the process of exploitation, there are several points:

  • the first is the stiffness of the back, which takes some time to get used to,
  • second - if the room is sliding surface, then the legs of the sofa can slide.


Pantograph mechanism

Such a mechanism is very similar to the sofa "eurobook". Only here the seat does not stretch itself, but it is raised and placed on the floor, and the back is lowered to the horizontal position. Such sofas are convenient for reading and watching TV.


Sofas with the "pantograph" mechanism are easy to use, have a spacious place to sleep, do not have sophisticated mechanisms that are prone to breakage, and castors protect the floor from mechanical damage. But, these sofas are quite expensive.


Drawout sofa

A fairly new sofa mechanism, which because of the simplicity of daily use has gained popularity. Excellent option for small apartments. The crocheted frame is made of metal and is equipped with bamboo lamellas. To operate the transformation mechanism for the sofa bed, it is sufficient to pull the hidden strap.

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The sleeping place of such sofas in the decomposed form turns out to be low in comparison with other mechanisms. Perhaps this is the only drawback of such a sofa. The comfort of the sofa is that it has a large sleeper, strong mechanisms of transformation and is easy to operate.


French clamshell

The option is intended, as a rule, for guests. The mechanism of such sofas is presented in three versions.


Mixtool withstands a small load and is suitable for guests, but not for daily use.


Meralat "+" due to springs made of metal and a reliable frame with lamellas can withstand considerable weight.


Iphagrid is the most sturdy construction in the French clamshell series. The frame is reinforced by pipes, and therefore this option can be safely used every day.

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French clamshell легко ремонтируются, раскладывается и стоит не дорого, но со временем использования, каркасная конструкция может провиснуть из-за деформации.


We examined the main mechanisms for transforming sofas. To determine the choice, you need to consider the purpose of the sofa, that is, it will be used every day or only for guests, where it will be located and what the size of the room.

American-lay-up sofa-18

Photos examples of how the mechanism of transforming sofas works


sofa_ without armrest_fold



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