Mirror in the interior - photo of a beautifully designed

Mirror is an integral part of everyday life, possessing a variety of universal properties and capable of giving originality to the interior. Agree, without it we simply can not do in everyday life, and designers, with the help of it, work wonders with interior decoration of premises.


In the modern world, there are many different types of mirrors, thanks to which you can create a beautiful decor element and increase space in the room or create a ridiculous accent. Therefore it is important to know: how to choose the right mirror for your interior.


The reasons for using mirrors in the decor

Remember how beautiful the royal palaces looked with mirrored ceilings. Coupled with the walls, the shine of which reflected and gave space more light, an illusion of infinite space was created. It is for this reason that designers use mirrors to visually increase the area of ​​the room, and to hide design flaws.


To play the imagination, you can set the mirror at a certain angle, which will create the effect of an endless mirror corridor. Also it gives the impression of a lot of things in the room, which creates a certain zest in your interior.


The mirror is irreplaceable in the decor because it disperses the light rays. You can place the mirrors in certain places so that the reflected rays illuminate the corners intended for this purpose. A good option would be an installed large mirror at an angle near the window.


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Thus, this solution will create a good and bright mood for your interior.


If you want to create a sense of security, then in this you can help a mirror installed so that you can see what is happening behind your back.


Notice that the mirror is the most practical and original solution. With the help of such ordinary, in its essence, things you can create an unusual and beautiful design of your interior.

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Receptions of using a mirror in the interior

In the modern world there are many types of mirrors. Their variety is not only in creating original framing frames, but also in the beauty of the glass itself, which can make it magnificent. To give it originality, you can use the technique of painting, mosaic or fusing. Multicolored glass mirrors will bring new colors and cheerful mood into the room.


Sandblasting the mirror perfectly fits for those who have an interior made in the style of minimalism. If, on the contrary, in your decor the main emphasis is on luxury, the mirror in the stained glass frame will be the perfect solution for your room.

mirror-in-the apartment

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Also, the mirror can be installed above the fireplace. This solution will add to the room of light or on the contrary will give an atmosphere of calm and relaxation in the evening, with the help of put candles on the shelf. Additionally, it helps to examine items on the mantelpiece from all angles of view.


Such an unusual element of decor, as a mirror wall, visually can increase the area of ​​a small room. The logical solution is to install a large one-piece mirror or mirror tile on the wall, rather than installing a cabinet with mirrored doors.


A visually increase the height of the room can be through the installation of mirrors by the method of inserts on the ceiling. If your room has high ceilings, then this problem will help "fix" the mirror gallery. It is enough to place several beautifully framed mirrors on the wall. This unpretentious decor will make the room much more comfortable.


If the room already has an installed large mirror, then you can use the composite reception technique. Just hang around him pictures in interesting frames. All ingenious is simple!


Mirror can decorate not only walls and ceilings. The trend that came to us from Venice, offers to decorate the mirror glass not only the surface of furniture, but also to create from it individual items for your interior. At the moment it is an active and popular method of decorating the decor.


These specific styles of mirror decoration are very bright and distinctive in the interior. This can be seen in the photo at the end of this article.


Choose a mirror for a particular style of interior

Mirror confirms the fact that it is indispensable in decor. Therefore, you need to know how to decorate your interior with this simple-minded object.


A false window from a mirror is a bold decision. You can decorate it to your taste, for example, send it to a white frame and get a window in the French style. You can also create the effect of a conventional window by decorating it with original curtains.


For each style, you can pick up your mirror. If your room is made in country style, then the mirror should be geometrically proportionate, and decorated either in an original way (rattan, seashells) or framed in a conventional frame. A large mirror is the most optimal variant in the interior, which is made in the style of minimalism. In the Art Nouveau style, the mirror should become a bright detail, so it can be decorated with a colorful frame with plant elements. It must be done in smooth lines.


Interior in the style of baroque or rococo can decorate the mirrors, decorated in gold plated frames, and the standard of wood will fit the ethnic style. The most universal are mirrors made in the style of art-decor. They perfectly fit into any interior.


Superstitious nature of the mirror

As we said earlier, the mirror has incredible popularity in the occult. With the help of it, you can conduct rituals or guess. It can also attract a certain energy, or even have its own. A lot of admissions and superstitions are associated with the mirror. We have been taught since childhood that it is impossible to break a mirror, let alone look at it.


Or eat food by the mirror. It turns out, if this is true, then the looking-glass has the right to exist? Of course, realists and science will say that this is nonsense, but most of us really try not to go beyond the mirror rules.


Despite the mysticism, the most important thing is that the surface of the mirror should be smooth and whole. If it bursts or is chipped, if it tends to "halve" or distorts your body in reflection, then it should not be installed. It's not even in superstition, but in aesthetic considerations. It looks unpresentable and awkward.



Mirror ceases to be an ordinary piece of furniture. Now it can participate in both simple and exciting design decisions. You can make a regular wall mirror in your bedroom or living room a work of art, just frame it in a beautiful frame and use the technique of painting.


And here is a beautiful and easy-to-perform, and most importantly useful thing pleases you every day. Do not be afraid to experiment! After all, this gives birth to real beauty.


Photo of beautifully decorated mirrors in the interior

A large mirror in the interior.














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