Night curtains in the interior - 100 photos of ideal design

Night curtains can significantly change the existing style of any living room. Correctly selected night curtains for the hall will transform the room, and unsuccessfully selected, will minimize the effort spent on creating a modern and cozy interior.

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For these reasons, it is recommended to choose curtains carefully and to listen to the recommendations given by qualified decorators of living quarters.

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Where is it best to use thick curtains?

In a modern apartment or apartment building, regardless of the number of rooms, everywhere you need curtains, which you can choose from a wide variety. If funds are allowed, then you can use your unique style for any room.


When choosing curtains for your apartment or apartment house, it is very important to consider all the possible options and material from which they are made. From these nuances, their durability and ease of use, as well as the appearance of the room, will depend to a sufficient degree.

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A great place for tight curtains is the living room. Here, night curtains will also look good. Most often, this room is located on the very first floor of the building, so you can use thick curtains.


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To maximally choose curtains, you will need to make your choice in favor of one or another shade.


Choice of shade

When choosing a shade of night curtains, you need to pay attention to the fact that although they are called nightly - they do not always have to be very dark in their performance.


It will be necessary to pay attention to the fact that the curtains are harmoniously combined with the existing interior, this applies to the color scheme. Night curtains are recommended to choose those that are two tones lighter or darker than the walls. Optimum selected color of night curtains will give your room comfort and comfort

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For an optimum choice of a shade, you can always familiarize with the presented photos of night curtains. It is recommended to choose a shade that best suits your interior.


When choosing a fabric, you need to take into account the moment to which side of the room the room windows come out. When the curtains are constantly in the sun, then it is recommended to select curtains, which are resistant to ultraviolet rays.


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And also, it is recommended to consider the reliability of the fabric because the curtains need to be periodically washed. Choosing night curtains for the bedroom, you need to consider their hue, because it will largely depend on the frequency of their washing.

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Когда шторы вы уже выбрали, необходимо задуматься о выборе карниза, который необходим для любых штор. Eaves должен надежно удерживать шторы и быть прочным и максимально надежным.


Most often, tulles are used for such curtains, then it becomes necessary to purchase a double-type eaves. When, you plan to decorate the room with a lambrequin, then for this you will need a triple cornice.


In addition, it is not recommended to use cornices, which are made of plastic, because this material does not have high strength and reliability in use.

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Very important for any cornice is practicality in use, which ideally should be perfectly combined with simplicity and reliability. For this, it is necessary to make sure that its hooks slide freely and without extra effort, and do not get stuck.


If you want to use a cornice that is made of wood, then you need to know that the cornices of this material are not so durable and reliable in use, such as eaves made of aluminum.


Photos of the best ideas of night curtains in the interior

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