Open shelves in the kitchen - photo of unusual design in the

This year, open shelves in the kitchen became very popular. They fit perfectly into many styles. For example, Provence and country became very popular. Just for them, and open shelves.

Shelf in the kitchen

Some owners of apartments still doubt whether it is worth buying an open kitchen for the kitchen. This article will help determine the choice.

  • disadvantages
  • Dust
  • mess
  •  Advantages
  • Ease
  • Aesthetics
  • Price
  • Conclusion
  • Photo of open shelves in the kitchen



Very many owners, who acquired open shelves, complain that such regiments are impractical. They accumulate a lot of dust, which is mixed with fat.


I did a little experiment. For about a month, I did not clean the kitchen with open shelves. To my surprise, there were absolutely no shelves. Later, when I was sitting on one of the forums, I realized that I was just lucky.

Shelf in the kitchen

Many girls at this forum expressed extremely negative about open shelves. They said that dust accumulates very quickly. Literally every couple of days you have to wipe the shelves of dust.


I made several conclusions, which can help when choosing open shelves:

  • Extractor fan in the kitchen.
  • A small amount of things that stand on the shelves to make it easier to wipe these shelves.
  • The shelves should be as far from the plate as possible.
  • Purchase a small number of open shelves.
  • You can use the cleaning service.



Very often in the forums you can read that on the open shelves very often reigns mess. Even you can see the kitchen with open shelves photo, where you can clearly see the mess.


Girls on the forums say that banks and mugs on the shelves are just crushing, which makes it very uncomfortable. They write that the shelves do not look very nice in the kitchen. It is impossible to lay out dishes on such shelves nicely.

Shelf in the kitchen

I thought a little and found a way out of this situation:

  • Use the same cans or containers for storage on the shelves.
  • Buy new dishes that fit perfectly into the interior.
  • Alternate open and closed shelves.

Shelf in the kitchen



And so, now you know all the disadvantages of the kitchen interior with open shelves. However, they are still selected. Why is that? This question is easy to answer. Open shelves make the kitchen much more spacious.

Shelf in the kitchen

If the room is small, then in such a room open shelves will look perfect.

Shelf in the kitchen

I again climbed the forums and came across good reviews. Mistresses say that on open shelves you can put a lot of things. Open rooms allow you to create a sense of ease.

Shelf in the kitchen

Here are some tips if you have a small kitchen, but you do not want to open shelves:

  • You can use the top cabinets of neutral color.
  • One should refrain from the contrast of walls and cabinets in the kitchen.
  • An excellent solution is to buy lockers with glass doors.
  • Lockers should be chosen in such a way that they are up to the ceiling.
  • If you use the correct backlight, the lockers will not be very noticeable.



The kitchen design with open shelves is an incredibly beautiful sight that can decorate any kitchen. Of course, it is important that the shelves have the proper contents.


If you correctly place all the dishes on the shelves, then the kitchen will become even more individual than it was. Although, this paragraph is suitable only for those owners, for whom the beauty of the kitchen is important.



Open shelves are 2-3 times less than closed lockers. If finances sing romances, then open shelves are a good way out of the situation.

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Open shelves in the kitchen - it's very beautiful. However, not all are important beauty. For some housewives, practicality is more important. Now open shelves are often used in Europe, and as for Russia, then everything is not so rosy.


Photo of open shelves in the kitchen

Shelf in the kitchen

Shelf in the kitchen

Shelf in the kitchen

Shelf in the kitchen

Shelf in the kitchen

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Shelf in the kitchen

Shelf in the kitchen

Shelf in the kitchen

Shelf in the kitchen


Shelf in the kitchen

Shelf in the kitchen

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open shelves on the kitchen and small working in the small kitchen






Shelf in the kitchen

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