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Lacquered furniture at all times was an indicator of the solidity and seriousness of its owner.

Furniture furniture

Lacquer coating, used in our time, allows not only to protect the surface, but also to create this or that decorative effect, increasing the attractiveness of the object.

Unfortunately, time is ruthless, and gradually under the influence of various external influences, the plane is covered with cracks and scratches.


This does not mean that you have to throw out furniture that is close to the heart, there is always a chance to revive it. It is enough to have a willingness to work hard and apply imagination. The result will be the possession of a one-of-a-kind handiwork.


  • Preparation
  • Safety precautions
  • Remove polishing
  • Restoration and application of mordant
  • Using Wood Filler
  • Painting
  • Helpful Tips
  • Application of gouache
  • Photo examples of high-quality furniture coloring by own hands


Painting wooden furniture does not require the use of special knowledge. It is important to carefully study the sequence of work and prepare the necessary tools. In addition to the fine-grained nazhdachki available in each house, a set of screwdrivers, brushes, spatula and roller, you will need a metal wool, hair dryer and grinder.

Furniture furniture

The list of materials is slightly larger, but it also does not contain anything extravagant. You will need a washing powder, a varnish remover, a primer, a wood preservative, a paint and a white spirit.


First, you need to wipe the furniture with detergent throughout the surface inside and out. Warming the canvas with a construction hair dryer, gradually remove the varnish with a spatula. You must be extremely careful not to damage the tree.

Furniture furniture

The next step: in circular motions, clean up the sandpaper with the purpose of leveling the surface and removing the remaining varnish. At the end of this phase of work - processing means for protection from insects.


Safety precautions

Removal of varnish is required to be carried out by opening the windows wide and observing the rules of personal safety: there must be safety glasses, a respirator or a mask, and rubber gloves on their hands.


Remove polishing

To paint the furniture was ideal and uniform, it is recommended to completely remove the polish. For a guaranteed result, it is necessary to apply the product with a brush on a small square section with a side of about 50 cm.


After a short wait, when the composition has not dried yet, and the coating has softened, the spatula smooths the coating in the direction of the fibers. As a rule, one coat of paint is removed from the first time.


This same action should be repeated until real wood appears. In the case of hard-to-reach places, a toothbrush is recommended.

how to dye furniture in style

After the bottom layer appears, use a metal washcloth to apply the binder to a square of 30 to 30 cm, then wipe it with paper and allow it to dry. Then sand with coarse-grained sandpaper to remove difficult-to-remove residues of mordant or paint.

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Restoration and application of mordant

In small areas with metallic cotton wool liquid composition is rubbed in circular motions, which finally dissolves the old coating. After removing all the stains, the surface is wiped with a paper towel.

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After rubbing the mordant, the furniture should dry for about 12 hours. For dark shades, the mordant is applied in several layers. The best results on tinting show nut, chestnut and beech, worse succumb to linden and birch.


Using Wood Filler

The coloring of old furniture does not tolerate unevenness. Cracks and chips can be removed with a quick-drying filler. After its application, repeated sanding with sandpaper and subsequent priming is carried out, which will provide protection from cracks and peeling.


All primer coats are eliminated, and the surface is again wiped off with a fine-grained web.

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Acrylic or latex paint is ideal for working with lacquered furniture: it is reliable and applied evenly. First of all, the inner surface, corners and joints must be carefully worked.


The outer plane is painted neatly to avoid spaces or imperfections. All sliding elements of the structure are painted separately, and a special solution is applied to the fittings and hardware.


Helpful Tips

If desired, it is possible to use a spray gun, which will ensure a uniform distribution of paintwork materials over the surface.


The application of paintwork in several layers will give a more expressive shade, and the use of several colors will give furniture an uncommon look.


Application of gouache

Painting furniture with your own hands is not an easy task, but the result is worth the effort. After the completion of all the preparatory work, the gouache is diluted in a solution of joinery glue, and then applied with soft wide brushes. Then the furniture should be dried and covered with nitrocellulose.

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To give a second life to a table, a headset or a closet is very simple. By following the basic principles and applying the acquired knowledge, you can update the interior of the room without throwing away your favorite things.


Photo examples of high-quality furniture coloring by own hands




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Furniture furniture

Furniture furniture


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Furniture furniture



Furniture furniture









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Furniture furniture







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