Panel of leather with their own hands - step by step

A panel of leather with your own hands can be made from a variety of ideas and fantasies. For example, make a vine. It will be very interesting and original look in the interior of your house.


As a result of this master class, the technique of artistic processing will be mastered, you will be able to learn to work with creative approach, develop your imagination, and imagination, and in general, enjoy the process on a psycho-emotional level. The resulting panel can be used to decorate the interior of the room.

Natural leather is an excellent kind of material to make crafts. It has plastic properties, it is quite pliable, strong. The process of working with it is quite fascinating, which both adults and children will enjoy. Where to get it? It can be, for example, a leather coat, a skirt, old unnecessary boots, and at all anything and it will not be useful any more.

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Using the skin of gizmos, which have long since gone out of fashion, you can get a lot of interesting and elegant gizmos. By them you will pleasantly surprise yourself and your relatives / relatives. In other words, you literally give a new life to old things, pleasing yourself and many others.

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Master class leather panel

For the panel you need to prepare the following items:

  • The main material, i. leather for making panels.
  • A framework for your masterpiece.
  • Sacking, which will be the background.
  • A branch that will be a vine.
  • Pistol with glue.
  • Candle made of paraffin.
  • Blanks (templates) of leaves of grapes, as well as berries.
  • Kleochka / polyethylene.
  • Scissors, pencil, pincer.


It is important to remember the basic safety rules when you start work. Take care of sufficient light workplace.

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It is necessary to observe the safety rules, especially when working with sharp objects.


You also need to use the glue gun carefully. When you need to apply a candle, use a pincer. The room needs to be ventilated after the procedure with a candle.

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Making a frame

You need to cut out the base of cardboard. Its size is determined solely on the back of the frame, which you prefer for the panel. Based on the size of the base of cardboard, you need to cut a piece of cloth / burlap. The resulting piece is glued to the cardboard, for which you need to accurately grease its edges with glue.

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The cardboard, which turned out to be tightly covered with a cloth, needs to be inserted into the frame and secured with the help of carnations. That's all, the frame is ready.

Panels made of leather with their hands

As for the templates, they should be made of tiny paper. You can find ready-made templates on the web and apply a pattern directly to the skin on them. Try to save the material at the same time.


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Then you need to find the right amount of grape leaves with berries. Cutter apply streaks on the resulting leaves. At the same time, you need to be very careful not to make too deep incisions.


The leaves need to be processed on a candle and open veins. Along each of them you need to fold the leaf in half. Wrong sides to each other. After this, pinch this bend with a pincer, then treat it with a candle. Do it quickly, so that the flaming tongue barely touches the bend.


After the veins are opened, the edges of the leaf need to be processed, then a little bit bent. In the same way, treat the berries.


When all the details are ready, collect the panels. Prepare all the details obtained, fold a bunch of grapes. Using a gun with glue, glue the berries. Then a dry twig sticks.


Leaflets can be decomposed, in this way, as you personally like. In this you can start from your own fantasies.


Lastly, glue the last detail of the panel and the loop on the back of the product, so that it is convenient to hang it on the wall. That's all.


To get inspired, see the photo of the leather panel in our catalog!


Photo of a panel of leather in the interior

Panels made of leather with their hands







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Panels made of leather with their hands

Panels made of leather with their hands


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