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Correctly decorated room creates a cozy atmosphere in the apartment. Often, the unfinished image of the room can undermine the reputation of the whole apartment. Photos can be a successful completion of the image. Although now the photos are mostly stored in electronic form, the designers believe that the photo frames radically change the perception of the room as a whole.

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Photographs on the wall: tips from designers

First you need to select the accent wall on which the pictures will be placed. If you are at the planning stage of the room design, then select the overall color of the photos and their number. In photo frames, photos should be of high quality.


Ways of arrangement of photos:

  • So that they are at a level with the eyes.
  • If you chose photos, but they have different sizes, then hang small photos, so that they are at eye level, and large ones are slightly higher.
  • Photographs placed in one line or in the form of a pyramid - look unsuccessful.


The next step is to select photos. It is best to choose those pictures that cause a surge of positive emotions.


How to make a photo frame in the interior?

If you are not familiar with the basics of interior design, and you are afraid of experimentation, then choose single-color photo frames. To make variety, the thickness and shape can differ from each other.


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If the room is decorated in bright colors, then it is advisable to use a frame of light tones, for example, silvery. Such a frame only emphasizes the photo, and does not overload the interior.


The room with a neutral color scheme looks great black frames. It will focus the attention of the whole room.

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Filling the photo frames

Curious look old black and white photos. Such a picture is ideally suited to elongated frames.

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  • Now the fashion has gone on a grass and flowers. Flora can be painted in pencil. To give the picture a twist, you just need to write the name of the flower in Latin.
  • Original looks a picture, which depicts the same person, only in different angles. For example, you can take 4 pictures of winter, spring, summer and autumn. Or collect in one picture all the pictures from the vacation.
  • Mosaic photo. Beautiful and tasteful. To make such a picture, you need to take one photo, cut it and place it in different frames.
  • If you do not have the right photos, and you like the idea of ​​using frames on the wall. Then take the wallpaper and put it in the frame!
  • Frames without photos look as good as with them.
  • On the wall look great drawn frames.
  • Placement of modern photo frames in the interior


So, you have already chosen frames and pictures to them, now it's time to think about their placement.

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If you have many different dimensional frames, then arrange them chaotically. Then in the interior there will be some dynamism.

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One-dimensional frames are best placed in a geometric order, for example, a triangle, squares, and so on. But this method is only suitable if the pictures are the same size.


In order to properly hang frames, use a paint tape. Draw her a straight line at eye level. And then follow it.

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To build the location of photographs on the wall, use the central subject. It can be: a mirror, a picture, a photo or a poster. Place the rest of the frames around this object, in a chaotic style or vice versa symmetrically.

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Small design tricks

1. Black and white photographs, decorated in a simple style, look great and intriguing, due to asymmetric placement.


2. Do you only have small pictures? No problem! Just fasten them to threads and clothespins, and they fit into the frame.


3. Do you want to increase the effectiveness of the composition? Make a highlight!


4. To give a cheerful black-and-white picture, just use bright frames in their design.


5. Excellent looking small pictures, placed in large photo frames.

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6. If you do not need photos, do not write them off. Make them a wall slogan!


7. White frames on a white background will attract close attention.

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8. Photos at the head of the bed - a win-win option!


9. Do you have many small frames? Make a big heart out of them!


And finally, if you have a great desire to create your own gallery, then do not be intimidated by this, just combine the frames of different sizes and colors. Do not overdo it, so that the composition does not oppress.


Photo of beautifully designed photo frames in the interior


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