Repair in a new building

People who decided to buy a house in a new house from the developer, faced with such a problem as a good repair in a new building.

Repair in a new building

The cost of apartments in a new building is much lower than the cost of housing on the secondary housing, because people choose new housing, despite a number of minuses. Which ones? For example, all contributions for housing have been made, the house is put into operation, and it is not possible to live in the apartment temporarily, because there is no finish in it.

Many believe that it is better to do repairs yourself in a new house than to buy an apartment in the secondary market and to correct mistakes of the previous owners of housing.

Repair in a new building

In addition, the difference between new houses is that they are built using the most modern technologies.

Repair in a new building

New apartments are rented often without planning, or with a spacious layout, there are PVC windows, spacious rooms, and most importantly, new plumbing, electrical wiring.

Repair in a new building

The main minus of buying a home in a new house - financial contributions are met, and you can not live in your house yet ...


As a result, you must immediately start in a purchased apartment to repair, for your money and yourself (or a team of workers).

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There are also disadvantages in buying an apartment with a major overhaul already completed. And the cost of such apartments is high.

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Often, the design of such apartments is still, because repairs are performed using budget building materials.

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The walls in the sanitary unit and in the kitchen are simply painted or can be covered with cheap ceramics.


The floor is covered with cheap linoleum, simple wallpaper on a paper basis is glued to the walls, and white emulsion paint is applied to the ceiling.

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Such examples of repair in the new building as in the photo below are unlikely to lead anyone to live in such conditions - buyers will have to start from scratch to transform their homes.

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Repair is expensive and dreary. Why? The fact is that the repair in the new house is slightly different from the repair of the apartment on the secondary.

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The first thing to remember when choosing a material is that the house should shrink for several years.


As a result, the floor may be swollen, the walls may crack.


It is easy to avoid trouble if you choose the right products for repair. It is appropriate to use budget materials, so that after a couple of years you can replace them, having planned the design to your liking.

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You do not always need to use budget products, because you can choose the equivalent of expensive, to make the interior more luxurious. As an example, the floor can be laid parquet natural shade. The ceiling can be plasterboard or suspended. The walls can be trimmed with conventional paper-based wallpaper.


Repair in a new house is best done by oneself to be as confident as possible in the quality of work.

Repair in a new building

Maybe photo finishing in a new building and a photo of various ideas you will cause creative potential and your imagination will roar?

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Stages of repair

The first thing is to install the toilet (the cheapest), and after that the toilet is changed to a more expensive one, when the bathroom and the sink are put.


  • Installation of partitions is carried out. Used brick, foam blocks, after gypsum cardboard.
  • Shtroby under the cable.
  • Wiring for the apartment is made, and then the connection to the switchboard is made.
  • There is a distribution of PVC sewage pipes, connection of a bathroom, a toilet, kitchen.
  • The water supply is connected.
  • Lattices are hung on the ventilation.
  • The walls are plastered, the grouting of the rough floor is carried out.
  • Slopes are being carried out.
  • The heating is connected.
  • There is a frame of built-in furniture, niches.
  • The door openings are mounted.
  • In the toilet on the floor is a screed.
  • Finishing of walls, installation of a bathroom, sinks.
  • Finishing the walls of rooms and ceilings.
  • Painting of pipes, batteries.
  • Flooring of floors.
  • Installation of doors, switches and sockets.
  • Design premises.


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This order of work is very approximate, and it is possible to carry out repairs on its own in the new house.

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See the photo of the repair in a new building on the Internet to understand what and why it is going on when doing the capital works.


Photo of a good repair in a new building






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Repair in a new building

Repair in a new building

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