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Many believe that a beautiful, stylish interior requires a significant financial investment.

Scandinavian style

However, this is not at all a vivid example of the interior in the Scandinavian style

Modern designers recommend the Scandinavian style that is gaining popularity nowadays in the interior. Moreover, it is quite simple and at the same time elegant style. The main rule of this design is a large amount of light and a warm color scheme.

Scandinavian style

A characteristic feature of this style is the presence of a large number of windows, and even in a small room they can be 2-3. In order for nothing to prevent natural light from penetrating into the house, the windows should be without curtains or with completely transparent curtains.

Scandinavian style

In addition, the room, decorated in the Scandinavian style should not only have natural light, but also artificial. A large number of various lamps, highlights, chandeliers and floor lamps are welcomed.

Scandinavian style

Interior design in the Scandinavian style provides a color scheme of warm, pastel shades with an abundance of white. And this applies not only to walls and decor, but also ceiling, as well as wall surfaces and even doors.

Scandinavian style

Another difference of Scandinavian style is a small number of doors and all kinds of partitions.

Scandinavian style

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Usually the cuisine in Scandinavian style is made in case the room is small. For the kitchen in this style is characterized by a light color palette and clearly delineated laconic forms that visually increase space and make the kitchen full of light.

Scandinavian style

Coziness and heat of the kitchen will add the use of natural materials.

Scandinavian style

So, the Scandinavian style in the interior of small-sized apartments provides walls, floor and ceiling painted in light pastel colors, and furniture and household appliances of light blue, sand or pale gray colors.


In this kitchen, you can add elements of wood, glass, metal and plastic, as well as wickerwork, as in a photo of the Scandinavian style in the interior.


The traditional variant of the Scandinavian interior is a floor made of wood or a whitewashed wood, or a floor covering such as a laminate. In addition, the Scandinavian style kitchen should have a large number of indoor plants, both in flower pots and in outdoor vases.


Living room

Scandinavian style in the interior of the living room - a wall painted in white or any other light pastel color, the floor of natural wood and large windows. Furniture is also preferable to choose wooden, noble, light colors. The main principle of the Scandinavian style with a minimum of colors, good lighting and a maximum of free space.


The textile will soften the situation, so pay special attention to the fabric and the curtain pattern. The curtains with a large two-tone cage will look pretty organic, emphasizing the originality of the interior, as well as curtains in a small cage, making the living room environment more cozy and homely.


Fabrics are better to choose natural, preferring cotton, linen or satin. Perfectly fit into the Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment are curtains made of muslin, or a well-flowing light muslin.


Particular attention in the living room of the Scandinavian style should be given to lighting, diluting the main lighting, additional in the form of lighting from both sides of the sofa or table lamps. In the corners you can put floor lamps or hang wall sconces. Also you need to pay attention to the main lighting, it is preferable that the chandelier consist of a large number of light bulbs. Necessarily the presence of candles in candelabra, they can be as decor elements or in the form of candles there can be lamps.

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This style is characterized by the presence of shiny, mirrored surfaces. Therefore, some elements of the interior, such as cornices or plafonds should be silver, metallic or glossy colors.


Decorating the interior of any room in the Scandinavian style must be taken into account, the fact that this style is characterized by minimalism, that is, the situation of such a room can only have a restrained decor.


In order to make the room cozy, you can decorate one wall with family photographs, lay down hand-knitted mats on the floor, and cover the sofa with a warm blanket. A bright accent, also should be sufficiently restrained, enough that on the table there will be napkins of saturated color. Required presence of indoor plants.


Concerning textiles, it is best to use natural fabrics, monochrome or with a simple pattern. Upholstered furniture in the interior of the Scandinavian style is usually covered with linen cloaks.


Scandinavian style interior photo in the interior


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