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Since most people choose furniture in appearance, manufacturers always try to improve the appearance of their products.

Self-adhesive film

But no matter how beautiful the kitchen sets of furniture or the wardrobes for children's rooms might have - they sooner or later start to deteriorate.

Self-adhesive film

However, not everything is so bad, because to update the appearance and correct all its shortcomings, you can use self-adhesive film for furniture, in particular a film of PVC.

Self-adhesive film

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Types of self-adhesive film

In spite of the type, each self-adhesive has a good appearance and an optimal price. The main differences between types of films consist in quality and individual aspects of their application.


In addition, there are differences and as a glue base. Before you glue the self-adhesive film on furniture with a flat surface, it is necessary to ensure that a thick layer of glue is applied to the workplace. For an uneven surface, on the contrary, less adhesive is needed.

Self-adhesive film

Self-adhesive polyvinyl chloride film, used to decorate furniture facades, should be high-quality and as long as possible to store its appearance. A great role in this is played by the methodology of their production.

Self-adhesive film

There is a calendered type of self-adhesive film for furniture. Its main advantage is a low price, but from here emerges and a drawback: a low price is due to insufficiently high-quality material that does not have a particularly long service life.

Self-adhesive film

Basically, calendered film is used to decorate large rooms.

Self-adhesive film

In addition to the calendered and polyvinyl chloride film, there is an injection molding self-adhesive film. It is distinguished by a higher level of quality, and, accordingly, the highest cost.


Among its advantages are a high level of plasticity and a complete lack of shrinkage. Plasticity allows you to hide under a variety of fasteners, and the absence of shrinkage guarantees a long service life of the coating.


Since the calendered film is not long enough, and the cast film is quite expensive, the best option is a film of PVC. A huge selection of coatings is able to please everyone, including the most demanding customers. In addition, this type has many variations of colors.


For example, you can purchase a wenge film self-adhesive for furniture.


Film for various types of furniture

There are a variety of coating options, among which there are holographic coatings, shimmering with a change of perspective, and decorative decorative films for furniture, produced by squeezing the surface.


There are also films depicting wood, cloth or stone. There are also mirror films, which, moreover, are quite popular.


Often, polyvinyl chloride films are used in children's rooms. Typically, in such rooms, select a film on which painted some hero or animal. You can use a monophonic film, on which it is possible to draw with chalk or a special marker.


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The ideal image for the kitchen is any vegetables, dishes and the like. In the case of the living room, a classic is suitable - for example, wood or stone.


What to buy?

For rooms with a lowered temperature level and higher humidity level, the best solution is the injection self-adhesive. It is also suitable for very damaged facades. In other conditions any types of self-adhesive film are suitable.

furniture_for_the hallway

Despite the lower cost of polyethylene films, experts recommend the use of films made of polyvinyl chloride. Films with ultraviolet protection are also good. Holographic films should be more careful because of their high susceptibility to mechanical damage.


Here are photos of self-adhesive film for furniture.


Photo self-adhesive film for furniture



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