Sheathing of the balcony with a lining - step by step

The skillfully executed finish of the balcony by the lining, gives rise to a deep delight and gives it grace. Especially if everything is done by own hands, then the feeling of pride increases in double. It is very important to competently get down to business and at the proper level to complete all work on the arrangement of this space.

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

Not everyone will want to spend a lot of time, let in a warm, however not in a cozy place. What should be done inside the premises, so that it meets high standards and for a long time continued to please the eyes, not only the hosts, but also the guests. See the photo of the balcony paneled with lining.


The variety of assortment that is offered for the lining of the loggia can cause small difficulties with the choice. For this purpose, the time-tested, natural material that perfectly answers all modern norms is best.


Finishing of loggias and balconies with lining

An excellent environmentally friendly material is considered to be a wooden paneling that fills the space that is trimmed with comfort and a lively atmosphere. In her address you can say such words as eco-friendly, warm, native. There are several types of vagonki, from low-quality "C", to the highest class "Extra".


Suitable is a kind of class "A", a remarkable material that is inferior to "Extra" by a small number of knots.


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Completely special image of your room, will give the decoration of the walls with a tree that protrudes beyond the boundaries of the usual design of interior decoration. The connection of the boards is based on the principle of "hole-top", for this reason it is not difficult to handle the work with work, without resorting to the help of expensive professionals.


Because of the convenient fastening lock, the process of finishing the balcony with wooden lining is done with a simple set of home tools, without resorting to the use of special equipment.


Lining of wood is made in two versions, ordinary and euro, which have a number of differences among themselves:

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1. According to the shape of the profile. On the reverse side of the blade there is a ventilation duct, to drain condensate and remove the voltage of the board. Thereby prolonging the operation.

2. In terms of dimensions. Euro has a certain length and width of each block. The dimensions of the usual can have variations of these indicators in a wide range.

The cost is estimated at $ 48,800

Technology of fastening of linings

How to sew a balcony with a lining? Facing is made on a frame from racks or a metal profile. When fully sewing the entire surface, it is recommended to start the finish from the ceiling.


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To avoid skewing, the lath must have a relative plane, without any differences. Such an effect is easy to verify using the rule or pulling the threads along the entire length of the frame.


Ultraviolet or direct sunlight, as well as mold fungus, bring the greatest harm to natural wood. Having made the correct glazing and multi-level waterproofing, you will extend the service life of the interior decoration of your balcony or balcony.


Moisture-insulating film should be applied to the walls before mounting the rack or profile frame, this will increase its properties and simplify your work.


After the completion of the preparatory work, proceed directly to the installation and fixation of the lining. The panels are fixed strictly according to the level, on the finishing studs, self-tapping screws or special punches. The installation should start from the corner, alternately picking up the plaques in the grooves.


The last two panels are placed in the groove at the same time "house", retreating the width of the groove and the top and snap snaps. After the completion of the cladding, the crevices that formed when the flooring and the ceiling are formed are concealed by skirting boards.


But do not forget that a quality Euro-lining, many times over the price, surpasses other materials that can also be used to trim a balcony or loggia, such as MDF or PVC panels.


Photos of examples of perfect decoration of the balcony by clapboard















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