Shelves above the bed in the interior - design photo

The functionality of shelves used in apartments has long outgrown the usual need for additional storage space for items.

Shelves above the bed

Now, thanks to a freer approach to decorating interiors, the use of modern materials and unique ways of processing, the shelves have long become an indispensable element for maintaining a common room image.

They are increasingly modeled, based on exquisite and unusual design ideas, embodying their own uniqueness in a variety of forms.


Interiors in the Art Nouveau style include non-standard shelves, but in most cases classic wall solutions remain in demand.

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  • Optimal installation site
  • Color solution
  • Application of the specifics of the surrounding space
  • For the younger generation
  • Versatile options
  • Photo of a beautiful shelf design over the bed

Optimal installation site

The most popular option was and remains bedside accommodation. Functional in this case is diverse. You can give them an exclusively decorative role, using as shelves shelves above the bed: photos, flowers or statuettes will look great on it.


Or use to store books, devices and other useful things that you often use.

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A particularly practical solution is the installation of additional lighting on the shelf, which will easily replace the sconce in the dark. This approach is more convenient, since it allows you to evenly illuminate a much larger space while watching TV or reading before going to bed.


It is worth noting that to determine the installation of the shelf is still during the repair: for decorative purposes, you can choose any height, while use for its intended purpose requires that you easily get to it without getting up from bed.


Color solution

To determine the color of the shelf above the bed, you need to understand whether you want to focus on it or harmoniously include it in the interior. For the first approach any bright shade used in the room will fit: so the regiment will attract attention, but it will not become a foreign element in the overall style.


For a concise combination with the rest of the space, it is recommended to choose an option that matches the color with the walls or with the predominant accent in curtains or furniture.


Also ideal is classic white. Due to its neutrality, it will fit into almost any interior and refresh the atmosphere.

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Application of the specifics of the surrounding space

As practice shows, the niche in the wall at the head of the bed easily replaces the shelf above the bed in the bedroom. There are many options for applying this particular structure. One-piece niche to the ceiling visually increasing the dimensions of the room, and divided into separate sections vertically and horizontally.


Artificial expansion of the niche along the wall will lead to the creation of an alternative closet, where there are boxes for small items, various trinkets, candles or books.


Equipped with additional lighting and decorated, this niche can become a place of attraction for everyone.


For the younger generation

Keeping near the head of the necessary little things is not an exceptional need for an adult. Many children also love to always have loved ones with them, but this often affects comfort during sleep: toys scattered around the bed make it difficult to take a comfortable position and fall asleep.


In this case, shelves above the baby bed come to the rescue. Being confident that the most precious thing is next to him, the child will sleep soundly and calmly.

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Versatile options

What if the repairs are finished and do not want any more construction work, and there are no shelves near the bed? There is an excellent offer: on sale for a long time already there are ready decisions with the built in shelves.


Thanks to the large number of presented models, you can make an ideal choice specially for your interior. There are several variations of the headboard.


First, the presence of one long shelf, stretched across the width of the bed.


Secondly, the division into several surfaces, usually located directly at the head of the head, or placed at the edges as bedside tables.


There are also complex samples that combine a sleeping place and a shelf.

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Photo of a beautiful shelf design over the bed




Shelves above the bed



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