Sliding interior doors - photos of fashionable novelties of

Sliding doors are called, in which the main part opens along the wall. Having, many features to date, they are very popular.

Sliding interior doors

Sliding doors perfectly proved themselves, because with their help there was an opportunity in the premises to save a fairly large area.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of sliding doors
  • Types and characteristics of sliding doors
  • Standard system
  • Radius construction
  • Sliding doors accordion
  • Система купе
  • Popular materials for sliding systems
  • Natural wood
  • MDF or MDF
  • Doors made of glass
  • Sliding partitions
  • Several options for the use of partitions
  • Photo of sliding interior doors in the interior

Advantages and disadvantages of sliding doors

Unlike conventional doors with sliding doors, there are several paintings, which influenced the adjustment of the doorway. They can become an unusual interior decor.


Sliding system serves not only as a door, but will help to divide rooms. For studio apartments, this is generally an ideal option, because it is possible to allocate a separate space for each tenant.

Sliding interior doors

Sliding interior doors open due to rollers sliding on rails, so noise is possible during operation. It is not recommended to install them in children's rooms. And of course it's worth noting that the cost of the system is much more than usual.

Sliding interior doors

Types and characteristics of sliding doors

Standard system

The standard design is mounted in the doorway, its doors do not open, but move to the side and can be fixed near the wall. There are two main types of standard system.

Sliding interior doors

  • Single-leafed. Doors with one moving canvas.
  • Two-winged. System with two canvases.

Sliding interior doors

Radius construction

The entire sliding system is arranged in such a way that the doors are moved around the circumference.

Sliding interior doors

Suitable for rooms where the walls are round or curved.

Sliding interior doors

Sliding doors accordion

The design in which narrow webs do not move, but fold.

Sliding interior doors

Система купе

The peculiarity of doors is that they do not occupy the space of the doorway. They are mounted on the walls. Thanks to the design, the building can be divided into several separate territories, which will help to allocate rooms for the tenants of the apartment.

Sliding interior doors

Popular materials for sliding systems

Natural wood

Doors from wood will fit into any room. The style of the interior is not important, because the design is suitable for all designs.

Sliding interior doors

The disadvantage of their tree system is the cost. Natural material does not affect the human body in any way.



Appearance is not very different from the natural material. They are popular among consumers at a low price.


Doors made of glass

They are used indoors to create a style of minimalism or futurism.


The light from the windows is passed through the doors, which helps visually increase the space. The transparency of the material is selected according to the preferences of the owners of the apartment.


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Sliding partitions

Modern sliding doors with their functionality can serve as a partition. They easily divide the rooms into different zones. Widely used in one-room apartments.

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Moreover, this is not just a design solution, but even a necessity.


Several options for the use of partitions

Ideal choice for children's rooms, where the accommodation of a girl and a boy is provided. Space is divided into two full functional areas.


If the bedroom does not fit furniture for clothing, then using a partition create a dressing room. It can save a lot of space.

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In kitchens with a large area, there is an opportunity to identify areas for cooking and eating, that is, a dining room.


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Also partitions are used in office premises. Separate the space for employees of different categories. It is possible to allocate a hall for meetings.


Sliding interior doors are very comfortable and multifunctional. Their assortment is so huge that there will be no difficulties in choosing.


Photo of sliding interior doors in the interior







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