Sofa transformer - photo of unusual design solutions

Nowadays, an attractive, cozy and high-quality sofa has become an indispensable element of the interior, which forms a special atmosphere, giving the room a special charm. The sofa is exactly that piece of furniture that can be called necessary, because it's hard to imagine a full rest without a sofa.

Sofa transformer

Among modern models of a sofa, perhaps, the most popular one can be called a sofa transformer. This model is popular due to its multifunctionality and mobility.

Sofa transformer

And the transforming models of sofas have won not only the living space of our houses and apartments, but they are already installed in offices and reception rooms. The fact is that a comfortable sofa-transformer will add a little comfort to the official office environment, removing tension from employees and visitors.

Sofa transformer

If you decide to change the interior or change furniture, then it's worth looking at such multifunctional furniture as a transforming sofa. Moreover, now on the modern furniture market a wide range of different models of sofas, including transformers, is presented.

Sofa transformer

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Original ideas of transformer sofas

In our recent past, the choice of unfolding upholstered furniture was limited to just one standard model by a sofa-book, the design of which consisted of a wooden frame and a spring mattress.

Sofa transformer

Now, the market of upholstered furniture offers an unthinkable number of models of sofas of different shapes, colors and design features. The variety of soft sliding furniture is simply amazing.

Sofa transformer

Designers and designers of the furniture industry do not stand still and constantly develop new models, improve mechanisms and systems of unfolding.

Sofa transformer

So among the sofa designs the sofa dolphin stands out, and just an unusual model of the Eurowalk sofa, the design of the accordion sofa is very interesting, the clamshell sofa is unusual, and the folding sofa is one of the most popular sofas, as in the photo of the sofas of transformers, in each furniture catalog.

Sofa transformer

Designers, too, are not limited to traditional forms and constantly create sofas of different styles and trends, follow the changes in fashion and try to ensure that the furniture they created corresponds to the modern trend.

Sofa transformer

In our time, already few people, you can surprise with a sofa in high-tech style, or a specially created sofa for the style of minimalism, or a folding model for a new style of baroque.


Recently, the trendy rustic style perfectly complements the sofa in the country's stylistic decision.


Sofa transformer

Due to the fact that the folding furniture simultaneously performs several functions and at the same time occupies a small space, then such a model as a sofa transformer for a small apartment is an excellent option.


Therefore, it is not surprising, most buyers prefer to buy this kind of soft, unfolding furniture.

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In addition, it is so convenient and economical to buy at the cost of one sofa at the same time, and a sofa, and a sleeping place, and a rather roomy cabinet or niche for storing sleeping accessories.


The most popular model is the corner sofa transformer, which when folded turns into a wide and very comfortable bed of huge dimensions, which in the morning can easily return to its original position.


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Quite an interesting design solution, specially created for small rooms is a two-tier transformer sofa, which distinguishes convenience when unfolding and the ability to simultaneously rest on it to several people at the same time. In addition, this design of the sofa does not take up much space.


Convenient, stylish and externally attractive sofa transformer in the interior will look great, especially if its stylistic solution is similar to the design of the room.


The transforming sofa bed is popular with buyers and it's not at all surprising, because such furniture is the fruit of the work of a whole team of highly qualified specialists, machine designers, designers and designers of upholstered furniture.


Photo of transformer sofas in the interior


Sofa transformer

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Sofa transformer

Sofa transformer

Sofa transformer

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