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Indoor plants make the house more beautiful and cozy, clean it of carbon dioxide and saturate it with oxygen. Well, and that room flowers harmoniously fit into the interior of the house, it is important to place them correctly.

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The problem is that for all flowers sometimes there are not enough window sills, in addition, on green windows the greenery is not always comfortable, so in sunny weather it can be too hot, and the aggressive sun, reflected from the glass, can damage the leaves, and in frost on the window they will be cold.

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The ideal solution is a stand for flowers. Moreover, well-chosen supports themselves can decorate the room.


Stands for indoor plants are different in their structure, configuration, material of manufacture and color. Based on these criteria, several types of supports are distinguished.

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Floor stands for flowers are hanging shelves on a stable vertical support. And the frame of the stand can be both mobile and fixed. This product can combine several shelves at the same time.

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Stands-stands are a rectangular frame, reminiscent of a bookcase with open shelves. You can meet modern models, the design of which has an oval or round shape.

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Mobile stands are products of different forms, consisting of 2 or more tiers with wheels that allow you to move flowers.

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Unusual models are stands of unusual shapes and colors, for example, the stands on which are fixed trailing parts and carved or concave pillars, often such products are brightly colored. Unusual creative supplies can be seen on the photo of the flower stand.

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The most common materials for creating a stand are wood, metal, plastic, stone and glass.

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Metal. Metal stands for flowers are the most popular, because due to its strength and stability they allow you to place the maximum number of flower pots.

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In addition, if it is a forged stand, it is also very elegant and elegant.

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Forged flower stands can be made in different stylistic directions.

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Recently, manufacturers are pleased with the florists with unusual shapes of forged stands, for example, in the form of a medieval coach, or an Egyptian pyramid, or a musical instrument.

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Wood. Wooden flower stands are convenient, practical and inexpensive accessories for indoor plants.

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Thanks to wooden supplies, you can not only decorate the interior, but also change the space by arranging a few pots with flowers in one zone, thereby accentuating the attention in the right direction.

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Wooden products look great in the interior of Provence and in the style of minimalism. More original analogues, for example, in the form of wooden steps harmoniously fit into the interior, made in the stylistic decision of high-tech or loft.

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The stand made of natural wood will become stronger if you supplement it with metal parts that will add to the design of elegance.

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Many people think how to make a stand for flowers on their own. In order to make a stand with your own hands you need a wooden frame and wicker elements, this stand is great for a room in a rustic style.

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Glass constructions

Quite interesting in the interior looks like a design solution as a stand for flowers from glass.

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Glass flower stands can be of a variety of shapes and colors, decorated with patterns, matte and transparent. This model of the stand is suitable for a room of any style.

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Plastic is popular with florists because of its quality as plasticity, because it can make a product of any shape and size.

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Therefore, as an accessory for flowers, it is worth looking at plastic models, because both the low and high stand for flowers will be equally beautiful and comfortable.

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In addition, plastic stands are usually sold at an affordable price.

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