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Professional designers note that the most noticeable in the house is the area where the TV is located, because often it is his central place.

TV Stand

Therefore, the stand under the TV must be selected carefully, so that it harmoniously blends into the interior of the apartment.

In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that it not only had a decent appearance, but also was functional, as it is often used to store equipment that comes with a plasma panel.

TV Stand

Modern masters are also trying to make this furniture element as comfortable as possible, so today there are a huge number of moving models that are equipped with wheels to move.

TV Stand

And also on sale you can see and curbstones with special shelves for books, cassettes and small media equipment.

TV Stand

  • How to choose a TV cabinet?
  • From what materials do you choose a stand for TV?
  • Photo of beautiful TV stands in the interior

How to choose a TV cabinet?

This furniture product gives the owner of an apartment the opportunity to use more rationally all available space.

TV Stand

That's why it's so important to have a universal TV stand. However, it is also worth taking into account which parameters of the product will be most optimal.

TV Stand

No doubt, you will want to buy a cube as much as possible to accommodate a lot of small things and thereby free space on the shelves. But this is not entirely correct, because the cumbersome construction is unlikely to look appropriate in a small room.


In advance, consider what size will be optimal. To do this, you will need to take into account the dimensions of the equipment that you want to put in the cabinet.


In the event that the size you are interested in is classified as non-standard, you can make a stand for your TV with your own hands.


After all, sometimes it is very difficult to find the necessary product, and if you have minimal skills of the joiner, the process itself will seem fascinating, as you will feel yourself a real creator of your own interior.


Thus, you will have a unique opportunity to save money, and create a design that is ideal for size, and will also have a unique design.


But here it is important to remember that the product should have good strength characteristics, since you will install the equipment with a considerable weight on the cabinet.


To achieve maximum stability and durability, care must be taken to securely bond all joints.


From what materials do you choose a stand for TV?

Designers claim that for different styles it is necessary to select different models of supports, because only in this way you can achieve the maximum result and not break the general concept of the design of the room.


If you look at the photo of the stands under the TV, you will undoubtedly notice that models from wood look more harmoniously in a room made in classical style, and metal products are more suitable for a room in the style of high-tech.

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Consider in more detail the characteristics of the materials from which the stands can be made.

TV Stand

Wood - products made from any solid wood have long become classics. Today they are very popular due to its unique texture, which is ideal for all styles. However, not only presentable and even luxurious appearance, won the hearts of people. It's no secret that the solid wood products are very durable and durable, which means that the owner will not have to worry about the fact that the construction will fall under the weight of all the equipment that is perched on it.

TV Stand

MDF or chipboard - of course, designs from natural wood have a lot of positive characteristics, however, they still have one significant disadvantage, due to which quite a few refuse to purchase such a product and this is its price.

Corner Tv Stand With Mount

Compared with wood, MDF and chipboard have a more reasonable price, so this material is classified as budget. However, despite the lower price, it is not inferior to the quality of wood cabinets, so it is not surprising that many prefer their particular material.


Specialists also note that chipboard and MDF have good indicators of moisture resistance and excellent soundproofing qualities. The disadvantages are the fact that this material can develop an allergy.

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Glass - glass TV stands are widely used in rooms with a small area, as they are able to visually expand the space. For the manufacture of this design, a special tempered glass is used, which excludes the possibility of a cut when it is damaged. The most common combination is wood and glass, metal and glass.


Photo of beautiful TV stands in the interior

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TV Stand

TV Stand

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