Studio apartment in loft style - 100 photos of ideas in the

In the largest world of design there are a lot of interior styles, and one of them is loft.

Loft style studio

The house in this style is a premise, the main motto of which is "no partitions, more air and space."

  • What is a loft?
  • What facilities can be decorated in this style?
  • Who will like the style?
  • Furniture
  • Photos of studio apartment in loft style

What is a loft?

In translation from a foreign loft - "loft". Interior details - very simple and functional furniture, large windows, on which there are no curtains. There is no decor as such, the colors used are cold. The highlight of the style is the laying of bricks, the floor of ordinary planks, the walls of plaster.

Loft style studio

The concept of style:

  • Combining different solutions into a single whole.
  • High ceilings, maximum openness of planning, partitions are not present. As an example, the interior of the studio apartment in the loft style implies zoning with color, light, glass partitions.
  • Non-standard decor - posters, graffiti.
  • Pipes, brick luggage, ventilation - all in sight.

Loft style studio

The loft-style living room is noteworthy for the smallest details of thoughtful lighting. According to the requirements of this style, only window blinds are used for window decorations, but there can not be any curtains.

Loft style studio

One-room studio apartment in loft style is an example of design:

  • There is no partition between the kitchen and between the living room - the apartment is a single whole.
  • Furniture is used as little as possible, and all available furniture is practical.
  • One of the walls has a photo in black and white.
  • The interior is complemented by a staircase that leads to the "attic" - it is a snag.
  • The walls are painted in one tone, the ceiling is not white, but of a non-standard color unusual for the interior.

Loft style studio

What facilities can be decorated in this style?

This style best fits into the interior of any, even a small room. Loft - the basic style of the 21st century, consisting of a mass of details, ideas that fit in at home.

Loft style studio

To recreate the interior of the studio in the loft style, first of all with odnushki you need to make an apartment studio, knocking out the wall partitions in it.

Loft style studio

When the walls are destroyed in "odnushke", the luggage of the brick is completely bared, and they do not cover under the finish, because this is a complement to the style.

Loft style studio

Who will like the style?

  • Creative individuals - this style can be found in studios and workshops.
  • People with a small budget - a minimum, and the design of the apartment is stylish.
  • The owners of apartments with free planning - windows to the entire height of the wall, a lot of space.
  • For those who want to stand out a little, who likes non-standard solutions.

Loft style studio

The design of the loft-style studio is an excellent option, because it makes it possible to realize all ideas in reality.

Loft style studio


Loft is an opportunity in the interior to place absolutely unobtrusive furniture. Furniture is used both for its intended purpose and divides the room into certain zones.


Furniture трансформируется, прекрасно вписываясь в имеющееся пространство. Исключение – стена, на которой полки. Фасадов в интерьере не может быть.


Furniture options:

  • Folding chairs.
  • Chairs on wheels.
  • Shelvings from metal.
  • A metal bed.


Studio in the loft style implies the presence of bright furniture of non-standard shape.


Furniture может быть изготовлена как из натуральных материалов, так и из искусственных. Основное – сочетание металла, ПВХ с иными материалами.

unusually cozy-flat-in-style-loft

The studio loft so designed will not look like an ordinary room, in which the trash of things, but as a designer apartment.


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In this style, the windows do not use curtains and curtains, curtains - the ideal option - roller blinds.


Many-sided style can be restrained, calm, luxurious - the choice for the owner of an apartment in this style.


On the Internet, a lot of photos of the apartment in the loft style, and therefore it is worth to look at the various options and individual liked elements to bring and to your interior.


Photos of studio apartment in loft style




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