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A table is a folding design that looks like the cover of a book. The system with several surfaces is fastened together by loops. The size of the table is adjusted to their own wishes, the table tops open and close.

Table book

If the hosts suddenly came to the guests, then from an ordinary small table you can make enough seats.

Table book

To date, the folding table book is quite popular, is in demand among people who have a large family. What are they so stand out?

Table book

Firstly, the table - the book will help to save the space of the premises as much as possible.

Table book

Secondly, they are multifunctional.

Table book

Thirdly - in the tables there are additional places for storing personal belongings.

Table book

And in the last paragraph, it should be noted that this piece of furniture has the widest range with different fittings and a variety of color shades.

Table book

  • Materials from which the folding tables are made
  • Metal
  • Chipboard
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Kinds of tables - books and their features
  • Normal table without add-ons
  • Table - book with additions
  • Table with shelves
  • Table on wheels
  • Photo of the desk design of the book in the interior

Materials from which the folding tables are made


The table of such material is the most durable and will last the longest. Through its heavy weight, it is very stable, but such a criterion indicates that it is impossible to move it to one person.

Table book

The cost of the design is great, because in the production of complex processes are used and do it in most cases only under the order.

Table book


Having a wide range of shades such a table, will fit into any interior. But because of the raw materials used for manufacturing, they are not very durable. The price policy is much different from the metal tables - books. Wooden pieces of furniture are cheaper and lighter.

Table book

Such a table can be built at home on its own without much money and time. Natural wood is the most high-quality material without threats to the human body.

Table book

Excellent choice for children's rooms.

Table book


Folding tables made of plastic will find their use in kitchens. They are resistant to damage and temperature fluctuations.

Table book

Models, where transparent countertops are suitable for summer pavilions.

Table book


Such material is used very rarely. Glass tables are very heavy and difficult to produce. During operation, the appearance of fragments dangerous to people.

Table book

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Kinds of tables - books and their features

The assortment of models in furniture stores is very large. You can pick up any table and small and big.

Table book

For computers - a table - a transformer. Narrow table book - for personal use of sewing, reading press and even accommodating guests.


Normal table without add-ons

The simplest design without any decorative elements. It has a common countertop, and on the sides are ordinary planes.

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They go up and down, than adjust the size of the table for their own preferences.


Table - book with additions

Most used, as it has a place for storing dishes. The table - book with boxes can be oval, round, square. The prices depend on the material for making and supplementing with various fittings.


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Table - cabinet is suitable for women who are engaged in embroidery. It will be convenient to cut it, and put the necessary materials in boxes.


Table with shelves

Well fit into the living room instead of a coffee table. On the shelves you can store literature: magazines, books, newspapers.


On the table set additional lighting for convenience.


Table on wheels

More convenient table - you can not think of a book. These models are easy to move around the house. They are also used in the courtyards of country houses for summer family events and in children's rooms and in kitchens.


The cost depends entirely on the quality, because here we take into account the material for the wheels. The stronger they are, the longer they will last.

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Photo of the desk design of the book in the interior

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