Unusual interior design - 100 photos of original ideas how

Each owner wants to make a comfortable and comfortable apartment. For this, you get the best paint and wallpaper. Many hours are spent so that all the details of the interior look beautiful.

Unusual design

Of course, each owner of the apartment, when choosing, is guided by the characteristics and price of the material.

In the modern world there are a lot of new colors and wallpapers, but the owners continue to give preference to the classic options. Designers do not stop this. They every year continue to please with numerous novelties.


  • Blossoming wallpaper
  • Glowing wallpaper
  • Stone wallpaper
  • Liquid wallpaper
  • Living walls
  • Flexible stone
  • Self-cleaning paint
  • Liquid Tile
  • 3D Flooring
  • Living floor for bathroom
  • Photos of the most unusual interior design ideas

Blossoming wallpaper

Still this kind is called thermal wallpaper. The peculiarity of this type of wallpaper is that when the temperature changes in the room, the picture changes. Wallpaper allows you to create an unusual interior design.

Unusual design

Of the minuses, it is immediately worth noting that it is not yet clear how the thermo-color affects human health. Therefore, it is not necessary to hurry with the acquisition of unusual wallpapers.


The picture changes only at very high temperatures. To change the image, you need to turn the room into a real sauna.

Unusual design

The price for this innovation is quite high. The wallpaper is 600 rubles and more for 1 m2.


In any case, you can buy a small piece of wallpaper and paste on such a section of the wall, where the sun's rays will fall - this will create an unusual design of the room.

Unusual design

Glowing wallpaper

For wallpaper, use acrylic paint, which allows night for 15-25 minutes to glow the wallpaper. They cost about 120 rubles per 1 m2.

Unusual design

Now on the market you can find an improved version that will create one of the most unusual designs in the room. The glow of the wallpaper can be controlled, which sometimes surprises the hosts and their guests. True, the price of such innovation is very biting. The wallpaper costs about 1500 rubles per 1 m2.


Stone wallpaper

Wallpaper with a picture of the stone already exists in many baths and kitchens. They look great in any room. It is worth noting that they are completely safe for humans.

Unusual design

This type of wallpaper came on the market recently, so you can not say how long they can serve. The price for these wallpapers is about 240 rubles per 1 m2.


Liquid wallpaper

Данный вид обоев продается в мешках. Они наносятся при помощи распылителя на стены, где через некоторое время застывают, позволяя создать очень необычный дизайн. Liquid wallpaper очень похожи на декоративную штукатурку.


However, it is worth knowing that such wallpaper can not be washed, otherwise liquid wallpaper will be on the floor. There is such an innovation about 120 rubles per 1 m2.


Living walls

Why not use real plants? Unusual ideas in design are now in the trend. They will be an excellent decoration of any room.

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To the pluses immediately it is necessary to add that the air in the apartment will become much cleaner and fresh.

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Unusual design

But to the minuses can be attributed an expensive irrigation system and many problems when caring for plants. It is worth this innovation about 4000 rubles per 1 m2.


Flexible stone

Each section of the flexible stone is unique and does not look like other drawings.


Buying a flexible stone, you need to take care of finding a specialist, because you will not be able to mount the material yourself. The price for 1 m2 is 2200 rubles.

Unusual design

Self-cleaning paint

Of the merits can be identified that the paint does not stick to dirt. Using paint on the outside walls, you can know for sure that the wall does not get dirty. That's just worth a paint about 400 rubles for 1 liter.


Liquid Tile

At any touch, the picture on the tile will change. The tile is easy to clean and it can withstand up to 80 degrees Celsius.

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Liquid Tile

Of the minuses, it should be noted that the tile is afraid of frosts and sharp objects. The price for liquid tile is about 12,000 rubles per 1 m2.

Unusual design

3D Flooring

If you want sand or grass under your feet, then 3D floors are an excellent choice. When using floors, it will create a feeling, like a picture under your feet alive. It is enough to look at the photo of unusual interior design in order to want to purchase 3D floor.

Unusual design

However, you should know that this type of flooring can easily be scratched. Over time, the colors become dull.


To restore the former shine, you need to buy a special washing machine. The price for a 3D floor is about 1600 rubles per 1 m2.

Self-leveling floors-3e-photos

Living floor for bathroom

Unlike the previous version, the living floor will make you feel really real moss under your feet. Such carpets should be used only in bathrooms.

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The cost of the rug is about 8000 rubles per 1 m2.


Photos of the most unusual interior design ideas







Unusual design


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Unusual design


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Unusual design

Unusual design



Unusual design



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Unusual design

Unusual design







Unusual design

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