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Upholstered furniture - this is the kind of furniture that allows you to relax in comfort, and if you also correctly pick up each of its elements in the interior, it will give the house a cozy and special charm.


How can this be done? Let's figure it out.

  • Selection of upholstered furniture for various interiors
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Types of sofas
  • Classic Type
  • Corner type
  • Bedroom type
  • Tip-transformer
  • Types of seats
  • Classic Type
  • Rocking type
  • Massage type
  • Bedroom type
  • Other elements
  • Ottoman
  • Ottoman
  • Couchette
  • Photo of the best upholstered furniture in the interior

Selection of upholstered furniture for various interiors


Kitchen должна обладать многофункциональностью и удобством, но при этом очень желателен приятный внешний вид, для того чтобы готовка пищи проходила с удовольствием.

Cushioned furniture

To ensure multi-functionality, a kitchen set is enough, but soft furniture will help with the look.

dining-area-in-the-kitchen-with-an unusual-soft-corner

Upholstered furniture in the interior of the kitchen is a sofa and armchairs. They can be arranged in this way:


Since it is easy to get dirty in the kitchen, it is desirable that the sofa can be easily cleaned on it, for which the leather and leather leather upholstery is best suited;


It is advisable to choose a sofa on the legs, so that cleaning the remains of food under it does not cause problems;


For a greater variety in the design of the kitchen should be put on a sofa or armchair cushions, and ideally - even curtains that will fit well with the pillows.



In the bedroom you can put a sofa, an armchair, a sofa and an ottoman. The sofa is very comfortable in the bedrooms of a small size, because there it can be used as a sleeping place and seating area.


The convenience of using a sofa or an armchair in this place is that you can read a book in your spare time or simply sit with a special comfort.


Living room

Living room – это как раз то место в доме, где мягкая мебель будет приносить наибольшую пользу, ведь именно в гостиной происходит прием гостей, которым нужны свободные места.

living room_full

Depending on the area of ​​the living room, you can put in it as a few seats, and almost the entire set of upholstered furniture.

Cushioned furniture

Standard set consists of a sofa, two armchairs and an ottoman, but if you want, you can put instead of this set, for example, a large corner sofa.

living room_style_vintage_4

Types of sofas

Classic Type

The classic sofa is an even, not versed sofa, which can be performed in any style of upholstered furniture in the interior. Often they are low. Required components are the backrest and armrests.


When choosing the color of such a sofa takes into account the general color of upholstered furniture in the interior, as well as the size of the living room itself. For example, for a small living room it is better to take a light colored sofa.


Corner type

Because of the large size, corner sofas are best placed in rooms with a large area.

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modular angled_divan

The advantages of such sofas are that they allow you to accommodate a large number of guests at the same table, as well as divide the room into zones if you apply them as a partition.


With a large sofa, two people can sleep on it, avoiding touching each other.


Bedroom type

This type is convenient in that it makes it possible to use it simultaneously as a sleeping place and a seat for sitting. It is quite useful in small bedrooms, or if guests stay overnight.


Before buying a folding sofa, you must take care of the presence of free space around it to avoid additional inconvenience.


Among the devices of folding sofas there are eurobook, accordion, click-clack and alco.

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They appeared not so long ago. There are two types of these sofas:

  • Modular, allowing you to change the position of the sofa using a certain number of mobile modules;
  • Full-scale transformers, easily changing their position completely.

Cushioned furniture

Types of seats

Classic Type

Classic armchairs sit on legs and have a high back and armrests. It should be shallow, otherwise sitting on it will be deprived of comfort. Optimal depth of the seat is 50-60 cm.


Rocking type

This type is pleasant enough for rest, however it is inconvenient for seating the guests. According to experts, there should not be more than two such seats in the room. Ideally, it would be nice to create a separate resting place in the living room containing this chair.


Massage type

These chairs seem very unusual due to their size and devices.

Cushioned furniture

Mostly they are suitable for use in the bedroom. As an element of upholstered furniture in a modern interior, it will look charming.

Cushioned furniture

Bedroom type

These chairs are suitable in those cases where there is a problem of combining the bedroom with the living room, and with frequent overnights of the guests. They are laid out the same way as the sofas, and are suitable for both children and adults.

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Cushioned furniture

Other elements


Such an element of furniture is used for different purposes, whether it is a footrest or an extra seat. The most convenient are the ottomans on wheels, which are easy to move.



Quite an unusual piece of furniture. There are styles of classics, shebbie-chic and art deco.

Cushioned furniture


Instead of an ottoman, you can use a couch in which the presence of a backrest and armrests is not necessary. It is best suited for use as a place for spending the night.


On the photo of upholstered furniture in the interior you can see examples of its placement and appearance.


Photo of the best upholstered furniture in the interior


2015-12-26_for what-need-sofa




Cushioned furniture




Cushioned furniture



Cushioned furniture



Cushioned furniture




Cushioned furniture


Ottoman-in-Intere 03




folding sofa-bed-1

Cushioned furniture

Cushioned furniture

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