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It is very good to have a beautiful large hallway and corridor. Interior in such rooms should be made in a certain style. A huge entrance hall is not so easy to decorate as it seems. It should be borne in mind that the excessive space and lack of detail makes the room not cozy. Overload the room with extra items of interior is also not worth it, so that there is no sense of clutter.


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Design of a large hallway

If you have a large entrance hall, before drawing it up, it is better to ask for advice to designers or see a photo of a large hallway with a similar layout. There are times when visually reduce the area of ​​the room to make the room more comfortable. Dark color reduces space, so you should pay attention to it. For earlier to think out enough quantity of subjects of an interior.

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If you still like light shades, you can do otherwise. It is possible to distinguish in the interior of a large hallway a zone for clothes - a dressing room. For example, put the built-in closet. Thus, you get a dressing room and reduce the area of ​​the corridor.

a large-hallway-with-two-doors-and-wardrobe

Designers advise to decorate the hallway, hall, corridor and living room in the same style. In the living room, the white color of the coatings looks very beautiful. But for the corridor, white color is not very favorable, because this is the first place where a person gets off the street. Therefore, not all are solved on white walls and floors.


Walls can be decorated by combining color. A successful solution for the design of the large hallway are panels made of wood and cork. Also, the walls can be covered with wallpaper or plaster.


For finishing, fabric covers, tiles, as well as MDF and PVC are not entirely suitable. Tissue coverings instantly get dirty, and the panels carry the cold into the atmosphere. To avoid monotony, you can use moldings, false panels and cornices. Read: The ceiling in the hallway - photos of the best, ready-made design solutions for the ceiling design for the hallway


For the classic style in the hallway, you can use cork panels or wallpaper. The wallpaper can be of one tone or strip. The strip creates a feeling of high ceilings, and the distance of the walls visually decreases. If you want to see the hallway in the style of country, you can use wallpaper with a floral print, decorative brick or light lining.


Brightness of colors means modern style or avant-garde. In a large corridor, there is where to fool the designer's fantasies.


Coverings on the floor are best chosen from a durable material, for example a moisture-resistant laminate. Using flooring from different materials looks good in the interior. For example, put a laminate flooring in the corridor, and ceramic tiles near the entrance.


Tiles are the most successful solution for the corridor, since it does not require special care and is sufficiently durable. In addition, with the help of tiles, you can zonate the room.


The entrance hall of large sizes can be visually reduced, using saturated thick shades.


When decorating light walls, it is better to choose warmer colors. The contrast of shades will help to differentiate the space and the room will visually decrease. You can also lay a bright tile on the floor. In the corridors, as a rule, there are no windows, so you can replace one wall with a slightly translucent septum to penetrate the natural color.


Furniture for a large hallway

When choosing furniture for the hallway, which has a large area, you should focus on large items. Furniture match the style in the furniture in the adjacent rooms.


No hallway can do without a hanger and a shoe. The cabinet is better to choose with sliding doors.


Closet-coupes come with a mirror on the door, they look very nice, and also do not need to install an additional mirror.

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A necessary element in the hallway is also a pouf. Sitting on the padded stool you can comfortably shoe. When choosing furniture, pay attention to its functionality. For square rooms it is better to choose a modular kit.

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Shades of furniture for a large hallway is better to choose more dark. The best option for this is furniture made of wood. Such furniture is not cheap, so you can use MDF as an alternative.


Elements of decor in the hallway

Fill the void in the room will help paintings, family photos, flowers in vases, large figurines. Such elements should be combined with the style of the interior.


For the country style, products from natural materials, textile draperies and unusual pictures are excellent. For the style of hi-tech, leather furniture, unusual fixtures are suitable.


For the classical style, paintings within the framework, gilding, wood decor are characteristic.


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In the style of romanticism, elegant lamps, mirrors, vintage items and porcelain figurines are an excellent option.


Lighting in the hallway

For lighting it is better to use a warm soft color. Light plays a huge role in the interior, so the lighting should be installed near the mirrors. Very nice looks multilevel ceiling with built-in lighting. For a conventional ceiling, the decoration is a chandelier, combined with the style of the interior.

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Interior photo of a large hallway

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